Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2017 - Page 6

Back to School: Middle school transition camps set students up for success As many as 150 know you,” he said. rising sixth-graders “And the camp helps from East Union got a you go to middle school head start on the new more comfortable and school year by attending confident.” middle school transition At East Union Middle, camps at Monroe and as many as 87 rising East Union middle sixth-grade students also schools. The camps participated in activities provided the students that included creating with an opportunity to vessels, doing cheek meet their classmates cell DNA extractions, and learn more about participating in science what is expected of and technology-related them as they prepare to activities, and talking enter middle school. with a representative “It frontloads them from the North Carolina with information about Biotechnology Center. coming to middle school Rising sixth-grade from the elementary student Brook Scearce, school so they can who was previously home- feel confident,” said schooled, said she enjoyed Monroe Middle Assistant coming to the camp and Principal Kim Houser, meeting new friends before adding that this is the classes began. first time the school “We’ve done some CSI district has hosted and detective stuff, and middle school transition I like science so it’s been camps. “We also do really cool. It’s so much some teambuilding fun learning here,” Brook activities so they can said. get to know each other East Union Middle and build relationships teacher Dr. Danyah Hill At East Union Middle, as many as 87 rising sixth-grade students also participated in said her goal for the camps before they start activities that included creating vesse 2Fr6VV6V66( Чv2FVWfFR6PDWG&7F2'F6Fr66V6RBFV6w&VFVB7FfFW2@B&R֖FFRbFR熖WG7GVFVG0FƶrvF&W&W6VFFfRg&FR'F&RFc7GVFVG0fR&WB6֖rF6&Ɩ&FV6w6VFW"7VBFRvVVV&pWrVf&VB&WB6FrvFvrB6FW'2V&r&WBvB0( vRvFVBF'&rFVW&RV&ƖW"&Vf&RFRFW WV7FVBbFV֖FFR66B'F6FrFVЧ7GVFVG2&R6W2FVf֖Ɩ&RFVvFFR667FfFW2BG&VR6VvR&R2'BbFRWp'VW2B&6VGW&W2( 6R6B( vR6VV7FVB7FfFW2F@VF66V6W26FVג'FW'6vW&RgVVvvrBV6W&vV@vF6&Ɩ2VF6&R77FVFP7GVFVG2F6&&FRB6&P7GVFVG26f6FVBFR7FFFV"FV2vFV6FW"( Ю( EF2'F6Rv2&fFVB'FƲvFF7F'2BBVF6FRV6VGV&Ɩ2660WVVB6V6F2ff6R&R֖FFR7GVFVBWf6FR6BFBvR^( 2ƗGFPB&R֖FFR&RFcW'fW2FvF֖FFR66fp7GVFVG27VBFRvVVV&pFR'GVGFVWBWrg&VG0&WB6FrvFvr@BFV6W'2FR7VW"6v6FW'2B'F6FrFVЦR2G&6FV6V6W"7FfFW2BG&VR6VvR&R2'BbFRWrVF( G26VBvFF2666V6W26FVג'FW'6vF&V6W6RRvWBFV&WrFw06&Ɩ2VF6&R77FVFPBVWBWrVRBFR&P7GVFVG26f6FVBFR7FFFRR7VBvFFVFR&PFƲvFF7F'2BBVF6RrFVBFR&RFWWVVBB( "6WB7B#r( "&VBFV6W"v^(0