Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2017 - Page 20

“Take the Load Off Sally” by guest contributor Dr. Lisa A. Merritt Back Pack Safety... School‘s started and your children load. Put the heavier items on the bottom. are lifting heavy bookbags and sitting at Tighten the straps so the back pack sits their classroom desk five days a week. If higher on the upper back. Try to not bend they aren’t aware of proper posture and at your waist nor let your head go forward lifting habits they can be damaging their of your shoulders. A good rule of thumb spines. When you see the grimace on their is to imagine helium balloons pulling your face or hear them head and body up as you complain that their hold your core tummy The US Consumer Product Safety back is hurting don’t Commission stated that 6,512 children muscles in. That allows delay showing these the center of gravity go were treated with injuries related to corrective methods to through your spine to their backpack. 54% of these children them. Incorrect posture were from the ages 5-14. carry the load. can lead to poor school Lifting the backpack and sports performance and putting it on is and secondary issues such as headaches, another way that can hurt your spine. Lift back pain, numbness and tingling in the arms the backpack with your knees and core. or legs, poor sleep and possibly a weakened Putting all the items in the bag at a table immune system. As a matter of fact, all of top or counter height verses the floor us who carry heavy items will eventually allows you to have better leverage and cause muscle spasms, compressed joints and less twist. A bend and a twist have been pinched nerves. common ways patients have told us how The US Consumer Product Safety they hurt themselves. Commission stated that 6,512 children were At Weddington Chiropractic Wellness treated with injuries related to their backpack. Center at Blakeney we evaluate and treat 54% of these children were from the ages children and adults. Along with injuries 5-14. Stress to the spinal column of a growing from heavy backpacks, we also see many child can be avoided if proper measures are students who are sitting long periods of taken. A child weighing 60 -100 lbs. should times at their desk or studying for exams not carry a backpack weighing more than with incorrect posture. Our treatments 10-15 lbs. No adult should carry a backpack are safe and effective. As a mother of heavier than 25 pounds. Imagine carrying six children, I have brought relief and a 12 lb. backpack and lifting it 10x per day. correction for my own children, too. Please That equals 120 lbs. per day and then 21,600 allow my associate, Dr. Sara Butkovich, lbs. in a school year. That is about 11 tons and I examine your child (children) for and or about 6 full size cars! prevention and potential back injury. For Along with the backpack weight, it is best further questions, please call our office and to never carry it on one shoulder. An even we will be happy to help. distribution will allow the spine to carry the Please join us for... TASTE OF WELLNESS SEPTEMBER 28th & OCTOBER 26th Drop in anytime between 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. and sample our services for FREE! • Chiropractic Care • Acupuncture with Essential Oils • Massage Therapy • Cold Laser Pain Therapy • Functional Medicine Wine & Light Refreshments Served Enter to Win a FREE 1 Hour Therapeutic Massage! Dr. Lisa Merritt and Dr. Sara Butkovich of the Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center at Blakeney. 18 • Sept/Oct 2017 • Parent Teacher Magazine  Weddington Chiropractic Wellness Center at Blakeney 8832 Blakeney Prof. Dr., Suite 100 • Charlotte, NC 28277 • 704-817-7618 •