Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools Sept/Oct 2017 - Page 11

Wingates team up to produce better readers Summer break in UCPS may Rising first-grader Aaron Haley said he enjoys being be in full swing, but learning a part of the academy and hasn’t stopped for students at hopes to become a better Wingate Elementary School reader in the future. (WES). “Sometimes the work is WES and Wingate hard and sometimes it’s easy, University recently partnered but my teacher is helping to open the Wingates United me to figure it out,” Aaron Reading Center, a summer said. “I like learning my sight program that aimed to words so I can be a better address literacy needs at the reader. It’s going to help me elementary school. The grant- every day.” funded academy provided As the 2017-18 academic academic support to 24 year gets underway, after- students in kindergarten to school tutoring will be second grade, with a goal of provided by WES teachers increasing their reading ability and Wingate University by 15 percent by the end of the students. An assistant four-week academy. Classes, professor in Wingate’s Thayer which started June 26, were School of Education will held Monday through Thursday expand the partnership further by during the weeks of July 10, 17 and 24. holding one of her classes at the “It’s only the second day that we’ve done a elementary school this fall. structured lesson with the students and they’re Teacher Heidi Bergs said she’s already picking up things so quickly,” said WES excited to be a part of the academy kindergarten teacher Jessica Slusarcyzk. “Even and looks forward to continuing to using the same words as yesterday -- I think help provide the students with a it’s starting to come together for them.” stronger foundation in reading. Sitting in small groups with their students, “It’s important for the students the teachers used Orton-Gillingham – a multi- to be able to break down words sensory approach to reading that uses sight, and put them back together. hearing, touch and movement -- to teach a Because if they can get really variety of techniques that included everything strong in that, then they can from counting syllables to the proper way to Wingate Elementary and Wingate University have a really strong foundation in recently partnered to open FRvvFW2VFV@FBFV"W"vVw&FrF֖rV2&VFr( VF6B( FRV&ƖW FR6FVמ( 2VvBFV6W'2( 2v66VFVB&VFr6VFW"7VW"&w&FB2FFBvR67F'BF2BFPtU2FV6W'2BvvFRVfW'6GVGV6FFG&W72ƗFW&7VVG2BFRVVVF'66&RFBvR6FW'fVRvF'2( 2'F6FVBvVVr'FЧ7GVFVG2v&R7G'VvvƖpvƖvG&r&Vf&RFR6FVגVVB( 2W7BF( B6VRrF26( B&VVfBFVBRFVЮ( vVFRVvVBWBBVVBגFW&W7B&V6W6R( @7G&vW"&VFW'2( ЦV&Bb'FvƖv'WBFF( BrFBV6&WBB( Ю( EF2'F6Rv2&fFVB'FRV6VGV&Ɩ0W7666B( ĒvFVBFV&FffW&VBv2FB6VB'&V6626V6F2ff6RFw2FvF7GVFVG2vVVBFffW&VB&6FV&r( ХFW&^( 26WFrW&Rf"WfW'R֖W&7&w2fW'FƗW"2&RFU5BfW'FƗW"( "G66RFW&3V6W2F6vVB7G&p( "67B'VƲb&vvVB( "fVvWF&R6VVG2( "fW'FƗW'0( "6V֖62( "&v2v&FVrb7WƖW0( "vB&&BfVVFW'2b6VVB( "v&FVfw2bvgGv&P( "W&fVVG2( "VF6&R&GV7G0( "&vvVBb'VƲ6fw2( "ff67FbfW67VR0FRV'Bb֖W&7&w266RSpsBC2#c0vVFFwFsB#C2Ss 2V&V7BBWF&rbR&WwwrVFwFV266VFW"vVFFwF&VBFV6W"vR( "6WB7B#r( "