Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools March/April 2018 - Page 4

Forest Hills High students share G.I.R.L. power with mentees It’s only been a few months since the Forest Hills High I’m a gain friends. So now we’re able to help mentor and give advice to G.I.R.L. Club officially kicked off its mentorship program with fifth the mini-G.I.R.L.s on what they should do when they come across grade girls at Marshville Elementary. certain situations,” Forest Hills High sophomore Ana Contreras But if you ask any said. “With the letters, of the teens about the I get really excited program, they will tell every time I get one. you the connection My mentee said she still they’ve made with keeps the first letter their mentees -- that I gave her, and and the impact that that just made me this experience has so happy.” had on them -- has Just as the young far exceeded any mentees have grown expectation they had of and flourished through the program. their participation in “When we go in the program, Christina there and they start said, the teen mentors running up to us, it just have also grown makes me so happy,” tremendously during Forest Hills High senior the past several Alicia Benson said, months. laughing. “It really “There was does light up my life. I nervousness initially. love it.” But their leadership For several years, abilities have grown the high school’s I’m tremendously and to a G.I.R.L. (Gifted, see them understand Intelligent, Respectful the importance of Lady) Club has focused Once a month, 32 G.I.R.L.s meet with 27 mentees, whom they call mini-G.I.R.L.s, to empowering someone on building self-esteem, discuss everything ranging from academics and transitioning to bullying and peer else -- we commend pressure. unity and awareness them for that,” she of women’s issues. said. “If all other Members have participated in community schools could have opportunities to have service and workshops about careers, programs like this, I believe it will build finance, time management, education more unity and we will see more growth and equality. emotionally with younger kids.” “But this year, we wanted to expand Forest Hills High senior Abreyah from it being just within Forest Hills High. Burch said many high school students We wanted to give back to the young girls don’t realize the impact they could have who feed into the middle and high school on younger students, which is why she each year,” said club co-sponsor and encourages her peers to take a chance Forest Hills High teacher Christina Rose. and make a positive difference in a “And since this initiative started, it has young person’s life. really just soared. I’m so pleased with it.” “Honestly, I wish this was available Once a month, 32 G.I.R.L.s meet to me when I was in elementary school. with 27 mentees, whom they call mini- The transition from elementary to G.I.R.L.s, to discuss everything ranging middle school is huge,” she said. “I from academics and transitioning to didn’t have that type of mentorship bullying and peer pressure. With the when I was transitioning so it was addition of a pen pal component, which difficult for me to fB6VRFv2FFVBFVƖvFV"v&vFFƲF&WB'VǖrBFw2ƖPFRF7G&7BvFRf7W2ƗFW&7FPFBF( BvBF2FVBvV( ЦVF'2&R6&RF6V6vFw&GVFR6( W7BvrFfRFvFFRFFFbV6VBv6v2FFVBFVƖvFV"v&vFFV"VFVW2&WGvVVFV"Fǐ7&VFR&w&ƖRF26VvR( ЧFRF7G&7BvFRf7W2ƗFW&7FRVF'0VWFw2( 5F2'F6Rv2&fFVB'FRV&R6&RF6V6vFFV"VFVW2( 2v667GVFVG2v^( fR&VV6VGV&Ɩ26626V6F&WGvVVFV"FǒVWFw2ff6RF&VvF6RvW2vW&RR6R@"( """#( "&VBFV6W"v^(