Parent Teacher Magazine Union County Public Schools March/April 2018 - Page 14

Enroll Your Kids for Vet Camp 2018 Yarn, Yarn & More Yarn! Get your Yarn Fix...Come in, see and touch all the new Spring & Summer Yarns that have arrived! Reminder: We’re open on Mondays from 10-5! New Classes with fun, on-trend projects for Spring! Come sit and knit or crochet with us Tuesday nights from 5-8. Don’t know how to Knit or Crochet - We can teach you! NEW Y T8(UUT8(UTTTSӈB˝[\ۛXZ[B[‘\Y[\’\Έ[ۈ L Mx(YH L N8(Y HH L Mx(] L M[B[™’Z[\›^XB\]BX\BY\SSԑHBL8(X\\ N8(\[XX\XY^[x •YZ[ۙ[\B[H L] H]Y\ M H H NMHHZ[HB\[ M]ܘY\  NܘY\’Y[][ۈ^\Y[HB][ܙH[܈Y\\]˛ݙ][\ B(؜\Hܜ XXX[[]^[\¸(^\Y[H\ۙ[و]\[\B[\[\\\H[XZ[[΂YYX[HX\[\[  \^\Z][\XZ[ B[\K[[\B[Y\][ۂ(؜\H[[܈\X[Y\\Y[X\ \B(X\X]\\]\[\X\\[\HZXܛB(X\]\ZY[Y]B([\Y]H\[[X[[]Y\Y\ H\ 8(^] M ˌH8(˕^][[X[][ BPTSUUQS HXZH[\\[Y[^HB^XZš[”[BZ[