Parent Teacher Magazine Rowan-Salisbury Schools September 2017 - Page 8

RSS GRADUATES OFFERED $26 MILLION IN SCHOLARSHIPS ROWAN-SALISBURY SCHOOLS RECEIVE A $700,000 GOLDEN LEAF GRANT 2017 RSS graduates across the district were offered $25,923,859 in scholarships. Approximately 1,300 students graduated from the district’s eight high schools this spring. To Promote Advanced Manufacturing at Salisbury High School Since 2012, Rowan-Salisbury has seen a continual rise in the dollars offered to students to attend colleges and universities as they pursue their post-secondary education. “This illustrates the strong education students receive in our schools,” says Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody. “I am proud of our students and the support they have received from their parents, teachers, staff and our community.” Since the implementation of the 2013-2017 RSS Strategic Plan, scholarships offered to students have risen from $7,844,484 to almost $26 million. “Students having access to laptops allow them, along with their parents, more opportunities to research and apply online for scholarships and grants,” comments Dr. Eisa Cox, RSS Executive Director for Secondary Education. Rowan-Salisbury graduates were offered $1,369,500 in academic scholarships from Catawba College. “Catawba remains a valuable friend and partner to our students and schools,” adds Dr. Moody. “Our students and all of us are fortunate to live in a community that is not only rich in educational institutions, but rich in the support offered to continuing education beyond high school.” The 185 Rowan-Salisbury students who participated in the Crosby Scholars program received close to $500,000 in scholarships and grants. Of the 50 colleges that Crosby Scholars will be attending, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College remains the #1 college choice selected by Crosby Scholar students for the second straight year. “We have much to celebrate,” says Dr. Moody. “There are students who received athletic scholarships to colleges that may not have had the opportunity to pursue the college path, if not for the athletic programs in our schools. We applaud our coaches for their ability to drive students to achieve both on the field and in the classroom.” Students from across Rowan-Salisbury will be heading to colleges and universities both in state and out of state. “I am looking forward to seeing the successes of our students as they continue into this next journey in life,” says Dr. Moody. “I wish them all the very best.” 2. Implement strategies aimed at changing students' perception of manufacturing careers by introducing them to the skills required for employment opportunities available in local industries. 3. Build on the existing STEM program at Salisbury High School. The Pathway will operate as part of the existing academy and be open to all Rowan- Salisbury students who wish to transfer. Grant funds will provide curriculum materials, facility upgrades, robotics equipment, and computers & related equipment for the high school. This program will provide multiple pathways for our students to choose an array of courses geared at hands on learning, critical thinking and problem solving. In addition to our Rowan-Salisbury Schools staff, Rowan County Commission Chair Greg Edds; Rowan Cabarrus Community College Dean of Engineering & Business Technologies Van Madray; Tillie Hebbert, Continental Structural Plastics; Shawn C FVw&FV6vW3BFVwFGW&f&W"FV6vW2vfR7W'FfRWBGW&rFR6FRf6BvFvFVTbF6vv0f6Gf6"f6'VBW"vfW7FVBvFW"Vwwr6vv6f66Ю( 6V7W&FW2ffW&VBF&Vvf6( 2V&W"d$4>( Уb( "6WB7B#~( "&VBFV6W"v^(0FFRGf6VBVf7GW&rFvB6Ɨ6'W'v66&v6Ɨ6'W'( 26&VW"BFV66VGV6FFW'FVB7Ffb&PVvW"F&VvVVFrF2Wr&w&FBv&R76WBFW 6VGFR'FW'62&Vr'VBvF&v6&''W26VG6VvRB6GW7G&W2v&fFRG&VVFW2'GVFW2f"&vХ6Ɨ6'W'7GVFVG2BV&fFRFRv&f&6RFB&v6VG6FW7W&FVǒVVG26vv2f66W'f6W0#7FFW7fR&f@6Ɨ6'W'2#Cpff6SsB( "c32( "C3fsB( "c32( "S#0Fg&VSSR( "3R( "s&v6Ɨ6'W'v2v&FV@Csg&vFVTbfVFFFVVBGf6V@Vf7GW&r7W'&7VVB6Ɨ6'W'v66FB6VFW2G&rVvVW&rV6G&72BWFf'&6Ff"v667GVFVG2@Ɩv2FW7FrG&GV7F'&w&2f&RF֖FFR667GVFVG2FRFFfRvVC7V66W&Vv2FRGW&r&v6Ɨ6'W'( 2V&6>( 7FGWFR&6'&V26V"eg&vFVTb&W6VFVB( &~( 6V6FRWBFFR&v6Ɨ6'W'662FRVBbCsFG"G"'&vB'2֖2"6'&V26VFVB2W6FVVB&VbbFRvFVTbfVFFF&R&RF&W6VBF2'GVGF%52