Parent Teacher Magazine Rowan-Salisbury Schools September 2017 - Page 7

“I AM THAT TEACHER” A Surprise for Rowan-Salisbury Teachers This was the message presented by Rowan-Salisbury Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody to a gymnasium of over 1600 teachers returning from summer break. Dr. Moody presented the opening session at the district’s annual ‘Back to School Teacher Conference’ on August 22nd. So, who was that teacher for you? Who was the one that made you believe in yourself – made you believe that you could be anything you dreamed of becoming. Every teacher has that opportunity to give hope to each student every day. There are no limits – only possibilities. That is our purpose as educational leaders. It is an honor and privilege as teachers to be the front– line role model for guiding children into becoming our future teachers, doctors, safety officers, attorneys, and the list goes on. Teachers are the ones that train all professions and therefore have the greatest chance to lead our children into becoming their dreams. Surprise As Dr. Moody made her comments surrounded by 35 students representing each elementary, middle and high school in the Rowan-Salisbury Schools – a perfect setting and visual image as to why we do what we do – students are first! But what the 1600 teachers did not know was at the conclusion of Dr. Moody’s comments, each student lined up, grabbed the microphone and announced who that teacher was to them. 35 teachers publicly received the reward all of us strive to achieve – being that teacher for a student! Tears flowed, cheers and applause echoed through the gym as each student proudly named who that teacher was to them. RSS teachers were filled with emotions listening to the students. “One of the BEST moments in my career,” said teacher Robin Daye. RSS Teacher of the Year Abby Covington stated that, “This was my favorite part of the day! ‘Those Teachers’ were EVERYWHERE today –so Inspiring!” And teacher Angie Fleming added that, “They (children) did a wonderful job! Very touching to the heart.” Let’s talk about you Call us for help in creating personal solutions for: • retirement planning • auto insurance • college funding • life insurance • home insurance • student loan solutions Daniel Potts Potts Financial Services, Inc. 121 W Council St 201 Salisbury, NC 28144 (704) 431-6669 Parent Teacher Magazine • Sept/Oct 2017 • 5