Parent Teacher Magazine Rowan-Salisbury Schools Sept/Oct 2018 - Page 11

Middle School Principals and Assistant Principals Experience Professional Development Over the Summer Middle School Principals and Assistant Principals were afforded an opportunity to grow and learn together this summer in a fun and unique way. It is extremely important that we provide learning experiences for our students that emulate the needs of the work force they will face. To get a better picture of what our classroom instruction should embrace, our leaders toured Joe Gibbs Racing and discovered ways math and science are used beyond our initial understanding of racing. When asking employees what we could do in our classrooms to better prepare our students for any job, all referred to the importance of relevant learning experiences that connect students to the math and science. We also visited Kings Mission for lunch and learned the importance of service learning and giving back to your community. Our next stop was a behind the scenes tour of the Carolina Panthers Stadium where we learned about building capacity in all employees and working towards a common purposeā€¦. providing an amazing experience when attending an event at the stadium. Our culminating experience was an opportunity to learn about the culture shift that occurred at the Milliken & Company, a leader in global innovation, located in Gaffney, SC. Milliken combines science with design and insights to create specialty chemicals, floor covering and performance materials that do good for the world. We learned that longevity of any organization is reliant on the leaders and their ability to build capacity of all employees. The success lies within the power of the people. We were challenged to develop learning experiences in our classrooms or through field studies that are based on the following criteria that all businesses are looking for in employee: n Foundation on total integrity n Great attitude n Can handle adversity n Team Player n Unselfish n Want to attitude n Ability to communicate n Ability to listen n Ability to handle failure n Strong work ethic n Excellent decision maker build for the Future "Operational excellence secures the present. Innovation excellence secures the future" Roger Milliken n Care about others Tina Mashburn, Executive Director for Middle & High School Education RSS K-2 Coding Camp 24 K-2 students spent the week of August 13 learning to code. Code is everywhere you look and is definitely not going anywhere; therefore, it is an important skill for all ages. The students played with various coding tools and apps with a different theme each day including space, racing, nature and mystery bot. The themes were explored through various coding tools and apps. Some of the tools and apps included Spheros, Ozobots, Osmos, Beebots, Probots, Cubetto, Tynker and Code-A-Pillar. To add to the excitement each day, the students spent time with middle school students who were attending the STEM Scholars