Parent Teacher Magazine Rowan-Salisbury Schools Nov/Dec 2017 - Page 4

Message from Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody As our district’s hashtag reads, #RSSONTHEMOVE – and we are! I could literally write pages and pages about all the new, inspiring and exciting initiatives that are happening in our schools to provide innovative and engaging learning for our students. But let me provide for you a summary of just a few of these initiatives. Student Leadership Team My Student Leadership Team (SLT) continues to be one of my most favorite groups that I meet with during the year. This is a group of highly motivated high school students interested in developing their leadership skills and promoting public education. We meet monthly to “think outside the box” and develop innovative ideas to improve the teaching and learning experiences across our community. This year on March 24, 2018 at Salisbury High School, the Student Leadership Team will be hosting an EdCamp. Teacher Breakfast Meetings Another favorite is when I meet with teachers. One teacher from each school is invited to an informal breakfast once a month. This gives me the opportunity to share what is currently happening at the district level and then to answer their questions on topics they would like to discuss. Teachers return to their schools with factual and encouraging messages to share with staff. Rounding New this year is "Rounding.” - where administrative leaders are divided into teams to visit schools speaking with teachers, students, and support staff asking about innovative and engaging work, as well as how we can offer support to schools. Rounding connects our district administrators with our schools opening up conversations about how we can improve and raise the bar to student success. Community Schools By now you have most likely participated in or heard about our 6 Community School areas and the events they have sponsored; such as back to school rallies, tail gates, family engagement events, movie nights and the list goes on. Within RSS we have 6 community areas: North, South, East, West, Salisbury, and Southeast. We are personalizing the learning experience for children and families through our Community Schools by following your child from Kindergarten through high school. We may all fall under the larger umbrella of Rowan-Salisbury, but we have smaller Community Schools focusing on providing a family-centered environment for giving children the best education possible. This spring each of the six Community Schools will be hosting an Exhibition to our communities. These events will showcase the inspiring work by our students. Marketing - The RSS Brand Promise New this year is the creation of marketing teams in each one of our 35 schools. The purpose is to tell the great stories about what is happening in their schools while sharing our common vision. We were pleased to welcome Discovery Education executives to lead our marketing teams through the development of our RSS Brand – the inspiration behind how we communicate in telling our stories. We have so much to s