Parent Teacher Magazine Gaston County Schools May/June 2018 - Page 4

“Boosting Your Health with Positive Thinking” Many of us think the key to life is maintaining confidence or over compensating in areas in which we are most vulnerable. That belief has refined our way of thinking, it causes us to push through our day to day lives and make the best out of any situation. The truth is, a positive mentality can promote and improve your health. We have the ability to trick our minds into distinguishing what is feasible according to the short or long-term goals we’ve set, no matter the task. Constructive thinking or self-motivation, can also allow us to push and complete the goals we have set for ourselves. So, how do we know that positive thinking will benefit us physically? It’s simple; expecting good results help to develop our thoughts and produce positive energy that we can turn into reality. Being positive creates an attitude of happiness. Repeating to ourselves on a daily basis, “no negative thoughts are allowed,” is a great way to incorporate a positive attitude or mindset. Having a positive mentality is much more than simply being happy or smiling more. A positive mindset helps you produce value in your life. start living one day at a time. Many think it is impossible to get instant results by having a positive mentality. Often times we sell ourselves short without realizing it because we are creatures of habit. We tend to lean towards what we have always done whether the outcome is positive or negative; because, is creates a sense of“normalcy”. More often than we realize our thoughts can make us feel anxious and distort the way we look at life. If we keep an optimistic outlook and approach on life, we can ultimately change our lives for the better. Start living your life believing you can conquer any obstacle. Smile, because at the end of the day the way we think will dictate our outcomes in life. In todays’ world, our lives can become busy and it can lead to unwanted frustrations. Implementing a positive mentality can keep your mind, thoughts and body in great condition. Positivity allows you to manage your health to live longer and happier lives. Thinking positive thoughts can change bad patterns. For instance, if we wake up every day and repeat a favorite quote or song that jump starts positive thoughts we can begin to see the benefits of thinking positive, and By: Yolonda Middleton-Jamison, Healthcare and Lifestyle Jouralist think + positive vibes Become A Volunteer A Gaston County Schools volunteer is described as a person who willingly undertakes a service of an assigned task performed within Gaston County Schools and under the approval of the school administration. Volunteer categories: n Mentor (see become a mentor) n Tutor n Chaperone n Reading Soul Mate volunteer n Junior Achievement volunteer n Girls On The Run/ Let Me Run volunteer n Clerical volunteer n Classroom volunteer n Special Projects volunteer n Parent Advisory Council Officer, PTO Officer, Booster Club n Officer and any other volunteer tasks designated by the school administration. Volunteer Process: To volunteer with Gaston County Schools please submit an on-line volunteer application at: When you register, you will create a personal user name and password for your profile. You will use this to update your information and also to reactivate your application at the start of the new school year. Your profile information is only available to the (principal) at the school(s) you select as your preferred school(s), and the Director of Gaston County Schools Business Partnerships Office. 2 • May/June 2018 • Parent Teacher Magazine  (Following North Carolina law, we will not give your information to anyone else. We utilize a secure web server with encrypted informatio &6w&VB6V62&WV&VBbfVFVW'2fVFVW"6FPb6GV7B266VFVBFRƖRƖ6FFBWFƖW0FRWV7FF2bfVFVW'2'FƖrFR&&FR&FRƖ6FR6vVFvRFBRfR&VBFP6FRb6GV7BBw&VRFF&6w&VB6V60vV2vr&WfWw2bVVFVBFFF&VfW&V6W2&P&WVW7FVB6VV7BFR66"662vW&RRFfVFVW"@VV7G&6ǒ7V&֗BFRƖ6FॖRv&V6VfRV6f&FvVFRƖ6F6V'2FP67&VVr&6W726VV7B&VFFFFR&VrFGFVBF0&WV&VB#֖WFR6W76खbRVVB66W72F6WFW"V6R6F7BFR66vW&PRFfVFVW"BRv&V6VfR767F6RࢥV6RFRVF'2&WV&RFFFRW"G&p6W766Ɩ6W&Rf"Ɨ7BbFFW2f"FFFf&FV6R6FR'W6W72@6VG'FW'62ff6RBsBӃcbc3#"V'W6W77'FW'64v7F"2W