Parent Teacher Magazine Gaston County Schools May/June 2018 - Page 11

Students show off robots during annual RoboGASTON competition Cheers and excitement filled the gymnasium at Forestview High School on March 10 as hundreds of elementary and middle school students showed off their computer programming and research skills during RoboGASTON 2018. Below is a list of the award winners from RoboGASTON 2018. New Hope Elementary School’s robotics team, the “H20 Overachievers,” and Holbrook Middle School’s robotics team, “Team E.C.H.O.,” took overall top honors in the annual Gaston County Schools robotics competition. “This group of students held true to the First Lego League core values,” said Holbrook Middle School robotics coach Jonathan Robinson. “They had fun, worked hard, shared experiences, showed gracious professionalism, learned a tremendous amount about hydrodynamics, and enjoyed friendly competition. It was an honor for Mrs. Dobson and me to be able to coach this group of young adults.” New Hope Elementary, which placed first last year in the regional competition, continued their success at RoboGASTON. “We’re so excited for our team and proud of their hard work,” said New Hope robotics coaches Caroline Sloan and Shelly Burke. “Our students were responsible for all the programming and building this year and felt more ownership in winning the competition. We are blessed to coach such a great group of students who support and encourage each other and shine brightly in all they do.” The event was the culmination of a year of practice and learning for the students, who have concentrated on how to build and program LEGO robots to carry out various tasks or “missions.” In addition to the robot runs, teams were graded on their research presentation and teamwork. “I’ve had a really wonderful time participating in the robotics program,” said Teddy Hibberd, a sixth grade student at Belmont Middle School. “It’s been a great experience, and it has helped me learn a lot of new things about our community.” n n Elementary School RoboGASTON Champion: New Hope Elementary, H2O Overachievers n Middle School RoboGASTON Champion: Holbrook Middle, Team E.C.H.O. n Elementary School RoboGASTON Runner-Up: Pinewood Elementary, Hydroflow n Middle School RoboGASTON Runner-Up: W.C. Friday Middle, T.G.I.Friday n Middle School First Place Robot Runs: Bessemer City n Middle, Roaring Robotic Tigers n Elementary School First Place Robot 'V36'"VVVF'FP6'"&r&G0VVVF'666V6@6R&&B'V3vFVVVF'&&&WG0֖FFR66f'7B6P&V7B&W6VFF7FW֖FFR7&W"6fvW0VVVF'66f'7B6P&V7B&W6VFFvVVVVF'6&7VB'&VW'0VVVF'666V6@6R&V7B&W6VFF㠤&VB6VG&VVVF'G&VvW0֖FFR66f'7B6PFVv&7&W'F֖FFRVVvW0VVVF'f'7B6PFVv&6FW"VVVF'G&vF'0VVVF'6V6B6PFVv&G'VVVF'VV7G&2TT0fW&VFvW2v&C&VVVVF'$&VФ'VFw0fW&w&6W2&fW76Ɨ6Ӣ6W"VVVF'FvW'G&70( FR&&F72&w&w27GVFVG2F6fR&&V2PVFvVVG2BFV662v&vFFW'2BF7&VFfVǒ( Ч6BFVF727W'&7VVf6ƗFF"FR&6Rv6&FFV@FRV6WFF( FFFǒ7GVFVG2V&Fv&FWVFVFǒ6WBv2vR&V7G2BVFW'7F@66VF&ƗGf"FW&2BFVƖW2( Ф7V6FRFFRv7FV7B&F'6V"BVWfF6W&6f"VrF76"&&t5D&VBFV6W"v^( "VR#( "