Parent Teacher Magazine Gaston County Schools March/April 2018 - Page 4

NEA Foundation award honors Cavnar as the nation’s best teacher December 2015, and the North Carolina Teacher of the Year in April 2016. He already has county, regional, and state Teacher of the Year honors. Now, Bobbie Cavnar has a national one. As the 2016-2017 North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Cavnar spent time traveling the state and country as a proponent for teachers, students, and public schools, speaking to educators, elected officials, community leaders, and others. He also served as an adviser to the North Carolina State Board of Education and the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council. Cavnar received the NEA Foundation’s national award for teaching excellence during the organization’s Salute to Excellence in Education Gala in Washington, D.C., on February 9. The award includes a $25,000 prize. Cavnar discovered he was a finalist for the teaching excellence award in August when he and four other finalists from across the country were announced. Cavnar, who began his teaching career in 1999 in Florida and has been at South Point for 15 years, stressed the importance of public education in his acceptance speech. The honor is officially called the 2018 NEA Member Benefits for Teaching Excellence Award. For Cavnar, it is a prestigious recognition that gives him an opportunity to bring more attention to public education and be a bigger voice for students and teachers. “Many of our great artists, thinkers, and inventors were born into poverty and were given the opportunity to let their genius show,” said Cavnar. “That’s how a public education equalizes life.” “Receiving this award is an incredible honor,” Cavnar said. “It is a privilege to represent teachers not only in Gaston County and North Carolina, but also to represent educators all across the country and be an advocate for public education on a national level.” The Washington ceremony was a celebration of the men and women who work in America’s public schools. There were more than 40 awards given to exceptional educators, but Cavnar’s honor was the ceremony’s grand finale. Cavnar is an English teacher at South Point High School in Belmont. His journey to being the nation’s best teacher began in 2014 when he was chosen as the school’s Teacher of the Year. He was named the Gaston County Teacher of the Year in May 2015, the Southwest Region Teacher of the Year in Despite having the spotlight on him in Washington on a Friday night, Cavnar made it back home to Gaston County in time to attend the weekends Sweetheart Ball with his daughter, a student at Belmont Central Elementary. For this teacher, the focus is always on the children. Lowell Elementary wins annual “Are You Smarter…” competition The Lowell Elementary and PSNC Energy school/business team was the winner of the annual “Are You Smarter Than a Gaston County Fifth Grader?” competition held Thursday, February 8 at Stuart W. Cramer High School. The popular program that pairs business partners with elementary schools in a game show format raised $40,000 for the Gaston County Education Foundation. The Foundation will use the money to fund the Ron L. Ensley grant program that provides funds to teacher 2f fFfR677&W762B7FfFW27BV"FRfVFFv&FVB&RFCSw&G2FFV6W'2B6627&72FR6VGw&G2v&R&W6VFVBVPf"FR##66V"FRv7F6VGVGV6FfVFF&v旦VBFR6WFFv6v276&VB'W&6bVf&BFW'276'26VFV@6&BVFvV2f&vGVRVW&w42VW&wFFf&@7V&'R$U4BVFVBbFR6&Ɩ2V^( 066Rv&CvFVVVF'@2&氤FW 66'W6W72FV0'F6FrFR6WFFvW&S'&6FRVVVF'BVFFR&VF'0&涖VVVF'BW&6bVf&@6Fv&VvG2VVVF'BGVRVW&wW&R2Ɨ7BbFRv&BvW'3r"&VFW&VFFRBfVWDWBW&6'F&VBVVVF'Bv7FV7B&F'6V f'7B6SvVVVVF'B42VW&wV6B&FvRVVVF'Bv7Fw&ƖW2Bu46V6B6SƖvW&fVGBVVVF'B6&BVF6W'f6W06W'vBVVVF'BVFW'6v7FF&B6S6FW"VVVF'Bf&W7FRf&W'2BFWFW26W"VVVF'BWBvVW&FFV7&CWvBVVVF'B4VgVW&F&V7F'2v&FW"&VVVF'BFFf&B7V&'R$U4vBRv&C4FVfRVVVF'B'"&0"( "&6&#( "&VBFV6W"v^(0