Parent Teacher Magazine Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools September 2017 - Page 4

CMS Superintendent, Dr. Clayton Wilcox Dr. Clayton Wilcox, new superintendent at CMS I’m Dr. Clayton Wilcox, the new superintendent at Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools. I was sworn in as superintendent on July 3 and I already have no doubt that it’s going to be an exciting year for our district. School started Aug. 28. We’ve got a new student-assignment plan that I believe will help us better serve our students. There’s also an important vote in November – our district has a request for a $922 million bond on the ballot. The bond will address 29 capital-needs projects that will benefit our students, including 10 new schools, seven replacement schools and 12 renovations and additions. Schools are part of the very fabric of our community and I encourage you to learn about the bond request and vote in November. I’m learning a lot about Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools but I’m still getting to know our students, our families and our schools. So I’m happy to have this opportunity to introduce myself to the readers of Parent-Teacher magazine. My official biography is on the next page. It will give you an idea of where I’ve worked and my educational background. I’d like to use this first column to tell you a little about me and my educational philosophy – what I believe public education can do and how I think we should go about achieving those goals. I grew up in Iowa. My father ran a gas station. My grandparents were from Mexico and I’m very proud of my Hispanic ancestry. I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees in education from the University of Northern Iowa, and my doctorate in educational leadership from Southeastern University in Florida. My formal education also includes studying strategic planning and instructional design at the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business and Finance. I also studied information management and telecommunications, 7G'V7F76W76VB@VVRW&f&6RvVVBBfFW&&6VvRv666ऒv2677&FV6W"Ɩ2BvFVfVBFV&W6W&6W2f"vR&Vf&R&V6֖r767FB&6BFV&6( fRF&V7FVBW'6V6W'f6W2f"66F7G&7Bf&FfR&VV7WW&FVFVBV7B&F&VvRV6V26VGf&FB7B&V6VFǒv6wF6VGvW'7Fv'B"( "6WFV&W"7F&W"#r( "&VBFV6W"vP67VBFRVGV6FB6'&FR&VF2B667F226vBF&VƖWfR&WBV&Ɩ2VGV6F&VƖWfRFBW"660VVBF6W'fRG2vV&Vv&FW72bFV"&6w&VBWW&V6W2 6&7V7F6R&VƖWfRvR6&W7BFFBvFw&VBVFW'6w&V@FV6r&r7GW&RƗFW&7wV&FVVBBf&R7W'&7VVBw&V@662ऒW6&BfFW"BFV6W"7F'BV6FV&ǒ( 2BƖPvrFv&( W7Vǒ6FfR7FǒFVvFgVBG'F6VRFR&p7GW&RfR6V6RbV"( W7BB6֗GFVBखFW&2bVFW'6b42( &RW7C( BWr&w&B`wWF( B&VƖWfR6vR&w&"'FW'6vV&RW2F'WW vWBbFR6VvW2vRf6RF( B&VƖWfR6fW"'VWG2'WBF&VƖWfR6fW"$'2vBFW2FBVBV2FBFP6VvW2vRf6RW7B&RFG&W76VBvFf&WGb7G&FVvW2@&W6W&6W26vR7G&FVw"&W6W&6RvG&6f&42'WB6&VgVǐ66VBfW'vFR&vRbFVvFFBVBFvR2VGV6F'26VBv2&WfWrW"&7F6W2@6vRFRW2FBF( B6W'fRFR&W7BFW&W7G2bG2Bf֖ƖW2W F7G&7BF( B&VƖWfR6vRW7Bf"FR6Rb6vRBFW6( B6W'fPG2Bf֖ƖW2vVऒ6&VƖWfRFB6&GFRV6V'W&r6622w&VB&vR6GF7G&7BगB2V&VBF&WWFFBFB&V6vF2vVFW6W'fVBFB&V6vF2w&Fgr'WBB26ƗGFRFvW&W2vƖ&@6B( FR'&v6Rb7V66W722FFFBvBRFBW7FW&Fv&R7Vff6VBf"F'&r( f"W"F7G&7BBW"7GVFVG2vBvRF@W7FW&Fv( B7Vff6Rf"F'&r( 2"WfVFFvR6( Bff&BF&W7B6f'F&ǒFR7FGW2VW6VVB2B&RvRW7B6VV'&FRW"7B7V66W72'WB6&W72f'v&BFFRW@6VvRBFRWBfFvRW7B&V6v旦RFBFV6w0W'f6fRW"v&&V6W6RB26rFRgWGW&Rv&6RB667G'V7GW&RFBW"6G&VvVFW"W"6G&VW7B&R&RF&VBw&FRFfWrVFW'7FBB&RfVVBFV6wN( 2#7B6VGW'ƗFW&762RbW"&VG2vV&VBW"6W"WrF&FfVv6FVגbFV6w6B( FV6w2FRgWGW&RBv@ג6F'F6FRFBgWGW&R( ФbW"G26VB&R&RF'F6FRFBgWGW&R27WW&FVFV@b42vv&FRFBV&VBF&RW&RBf'v&BF6W'frFR7GVFVG2Bf֖ƖW2bV6V'W&r6VGW V&Ɩ2662G"6Fv62FR7WW&FVFVBb6&GFRV6V'W&r662