Parent Teacher Magazine Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Jan/Feb 2018 - Page 8

‘One of the best opportunities’ Merancas Middle College High expands options for students Merancas Middle College High has filled a gap in north Mecklenburg County. Located on the Merancas campus of Central Piedmont Community College, it is the fourth middle college where students can earn a high school diploma, as well as college credits free of charge. district-wide commitment to helping students prepare for success in a rapidly changing world.” Merancas was dedicated Oct. 31. Dr. Tamara Williams, dean of CPCC’s Merancas campus, said she began looking to establish a middle college four years ago. Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, CPCC president, said that 2,500 high school students in CMS have earned more than 17,000 college credits. For families, that represents a $1.2 million savings. “The process was not easy, but we kept pushing forward,” Dr. Williams said. “We are so grateful for the partnership with CMS because it means students will now have multiple pathways.” Merancas is a Cooperative Innovative High School and part of the Career and College Promise program. Students take Honors or Advanced Placement courses required for high school graduation during their junior and senior years, as well as one additional year. They can take college courses toward a post-secondary certificate, college diploma, associate’s degree and/or industry certification at any CPCC campus. They also have all the privileges of a CPCC student. The school has 120 students this year and room to grow. Dr. Williams said it was important to provide more options for students BFB6GW7G''FW'2&R6W6FVBFfRWrVƖRf"FVB( W"W&627GVFVG2fRWB&v&W2&WV&VVG2FvF֗76W&R( 6B426Vbb7FfbW&g&666&V&2BFPFVF6F( F2&w&2G'Vǒ7V6Rf"7GVFVG2vvBFvW@V6VvR2F7G&7B6&GFRV6V'W&r6622&VB`W&62BFRFW"F&VR֖FFR6VvRv662FW&W&W6VBW ( FN( 26WFrFN( 2VF6VB( G"FVFVWW"6B( F227&vWvV( ФV"G&Wrv'&6VVBVFRFVF6F6W&VvF6RW&f&6RFW"7VW'26VFVB&6WGF'FХFW"B&FV6&GFRV6V'W&r&&BbVGV6FV&W"f"F7G&7Bf6R6'W'6VǗ6RF6WrFV'W'2&WBFFFR6GFVFVBधV"&v6&RB6V"fW"W7R&WBFPF7W&RBW&62fW"6BRv2&W76VBvV6VRFFRFRFf6BBFƲ&WBrFR66( 2f'7B6V"672( FB6vVBf֖ǒfVW2( R6B( Ē66W&62֖FFR6VvPג6V6Bf֖ǒF2v2RbFR&W7B'GVFW2FגƖfRB( 7W&RBvVB&Rf"FW"7GVFVG2( Ф6&ƖG2FVF7G'7V6ƗW2G&VFr6G&Vg&f7FVrGVFBBFfGV2vF7V6VVG27FFRbFR'B@fFrVf&VBऴE2'&r""W"&W'B6&Bf"e$TR7FF''W6ࢦWrFVG2ǐ&WfWDE2&&B6W'FfV@VFG&2FVF7@6f"g&VR67VFFvW2F2BVvW"b( "V'fV''V'#( "&VBFV6W"vPS#Ɨ72R( "֖B0wwr6FVF7G'6( "f6FVF7G'6УsBsS