Parent Teacher Magazine Cabarrus County School January 2014 - Page 13

CMHS Student Creates Macro for Chinese Class, Prompts Mobile App Challenge Hansel Wei, a student at Cox Mill High School, has created a macro that would allow him to type assignments using the Pinyan form of Chinese. This form of Chinese requires tone marks (like accent marks in other foreign languages), and the program used to type these tone marks was not easy to use. Hansel decided that there must be an easier way to type the tone marks and set out to figure out how to make it happen. Hansel started out by creating a macro (a single command that expands to complete a more complex set of instructions). There are 4 tones in the Chinese Pinyan language so Hansel designed his macro to know that when a Chinese word was typed, followed by a number from 1-4, that the correct tone mark would be displayed over the Chinese letter. He spent about an hour and a half working on creating the macro, and then another few hours making his macro look nicer by adding a GUI (Graphical User Interface). What took a lot of his time was typing each word and the same word with each of the accompanying tones so that his macro would recognize which commands would return which results. Hansel then asked for permission to use the macro at school to complete other Chinese assignments and with the help of his Technology Facilitator and the CCS IT Dept. installed the macro on the compute ȁ