Parent Magazine Volusia May 2019 - Page 25

Scouting with CENTRAL FLORIDA COUNCIL provides UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCES FOR MORE YOUTH! “I’m not sure what to do next,” the young woman shouted, supended 30 feet in the air on a steel cable. Below her feet were a series of ever-shrinking wooden rails, extending 20 feet in front of her, forming an unruly bridge. The entire length of the crossing twisted and turned a bit under her with each step. On the ground, her Patrol-mates and Camp Staff encouraged her onward. “Try stepping forward with your right foot,” a Staff Member suggested from the platform beyond, coaching her on. The Scout took a step, then another, gaining confidence in the crossing as she did. By the time she reached the far platform, she was all smiles! “I didn’t think I could do it!” she shared with her friends, back on the ground. “The third step twists funny if you step on it with the wrong foot. Once I figured out which foot to put where, though, it was almost easy!” And was it FUN?! “Heck yeah!” This Scout, along with countless others that day, was participating in a program at Camp La-No-Che’s Adventure Camp. Just one of many similar offerings available to Scouts, Adventure Camp challenges young men and women to tackle a challenge head on, even if they don’t think they can do it. They make a plan, set a goal, and then do their best. These kinds of real-world challenges mirror the entire approach of Scouting and are what has made the Boy Scouts of America a leader in youth development for over 100 years. Valid thru 12/31/2019 For more information & booking, visit V O Camping” L U S I A parent A Z I N at E top. | 25 and select “Weekend from M the A G links