Parent Magazine St. Johns November 2018 - Page 24

MAKE OUR WORLD A BETTER PL ACE: I f you have ever experienced a random act of kindness, you know what joy a simple act can produce. This month, encourage your family to spread that kindness to the people who cross your paths during the holiday season and beyond. SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR A CHILD H E L P YO U R F E L LOW M A N 1. Leave a used book at the dentist office, coffee shop or auto repair waiting room. 1. Collect stray carts outside the grocery store and put them back in the corrals. 2. Send a note of appreciation to a coach, teacher or neighbor. 2. Give of yourself. Sign up to be an organ, bone marrow or blood donor. 3. Offer your seat to someone who needs it more on the bus, on the train or in the waiting area. 3. Do a chore without being asked. 4. Say “Bless you” when a stranger sneezes. 4. If you see something out of place at the store, put it back where it belongs. 5. Start the day on the right foot. Smile and say good morning to everyone you see. 6. Bring in a neighbor’s garbage cans or mail on a cold day. 5. If you find a stray dog with a collar, call him over so you can reunite him with his owner. 6. If a store or restaurant employee has been kind or helpful, be sure to tell their boss. 7. If you follow a blog, leave a comment and let them know why you enjoy their blog. 7. When you receive prize tickets from arcade games, give them to someone else so they can get a bigger prize. 8. Leave a package of baby wipes in a public bathroom changing area. 8. Hand out a refreshing bottle of water to the mail carrier. 9. Clean off a dirty park bench or swing if a bird has been there. 22 | S T . J O H N S parent MAGAZINE