Parent Magazine St. Johns November 2018 - Page 13

Keep Your Family Smiling at Your Thanksgiving Dinners! BROUGHT TO YOU FLORIDA FAMILY DENTISTRY BY The following are some tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy: 1. To guard better against acid wear, avoid acidic foods and drinks whenever possible. If you must have them, lessen their impact by taking bites of other dishes and by drinking water. 2. Load up on colorful vegetables as they are full of smile friendly vitamins and minerals. Orange or red vegetables are usually high in vitamin C , which are good for your gums. Green leafy veggies are good sources of calcium, which help strengthen teeth. 3. Be wary of unseen damage; watch out for nuts, pits, and bones. Very hard foods and snacks can cause unseen gum damage and may even create small cracks in your teeth. Please shell nuts properly and avoid cracking nuts with your teeth. 4. Consider the sugar. Thanksgiving can be a delight for your sweet tooth with all those desserts. If you must have the sweets, we suggest you keep sweets limited to around meal times to lessen their impact on your teeth. We also suggest following your sweets with water. After having chewy treats that can stick to your teeth, wait 30 minutes and then brush your teeth. 5. Consume fewer foods and drinks known to cause enamel stains (for example: coffee, blueberry pie, red wine, cranberry sauce, or anything that may be colorful). While it might make your dinner table vibrant, it may also have the same affect on your teeth. If you do have these foods and drinks, we suggest you schedule a cleaning or whitening appointment with your dentist. S T. JOHNS parent MAGAZINE | 11