Parent Magazine St. Johns November 2018 - Page 11

Play touch football. Football is as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey and pumpkin pie. Angie Worth and her family play one-touch football. They choose the strongest players to be team captains, and the captains pick their teammates. “The rules are very loosey-goosey. The captain explains the route for offense or assigns coverage for defense. Then, it’s all about the touchdowns and points,” Worth explains. “It’s very casual, but fun—a good way to burn off some Thanksgiving dinner calories before pie!” Share family stories. While your kids are anticipating the mouthwatering dinner that’s about to grace the table, have them write questions to ask the family. They can slip a question under the glass or plate of each table setting. After dinner is over, go around the table and each person can pull their question and share their answer. Questions like “What was Thanksgiving like when you were growing up?” and “What was your best Thanksgiving ever and why?” are sure to rekindle fond memories. Plan a scavenger hunt. If the weather is agreeable, send everyone outside for a scavenger hunt. Provide each team with a small bag to collect their items or have them use their cameras to take photos of the objects on the list. Keep the hunt simple for youngsters and make it a little more complicated for older kids. Items on your list might include: something red, a heart shaped leaf, a stick shaped like a Y, a black rock, a feather, etc. Team adults with kids and turn the hunt into a fun race to the finish. The winning team receives the first slice of pie or a silly prize like pilgrim’s hats to wear on their heads. Puzzle fun. Lauri Duncan, a mom of two boys, ages 8 and 11, says that she and her family traditionally put together a puzzle after the big dinner. “We do one big puzzle every year that every age can work on. The kids, parents, cousins, and grandparents all chip in and work on it in rotations throughout the afternoon, between naps and football and snacking on leftovers,” she says. Pumpkin tic-tac -toe. Choose five small white gourds and five small orange gourds. Make a grid on a card table using craft or painter’s tape. Or use larger gourds and set up the game in your yard using sticks to make nine squares. CONTINUED ON THE NEXT PAGE >>