Parent Magazine St. Johns May 2019 - Page 10

11 s m o M Y P P A s t e r c e S H OF s k Hine By ny a Mel Christ “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” - Dalai Lama W e know that happiness is an emotion that can come and go. But how do we recapture that bubbly feeling amid the challenges and stresses of parenthood? Here are a few tips from moms for staying positive and feeling good. LEAN ON COMMUNITY. Several moms polled for this article agreed that moms’ night outs with their friends help them feel more optimistic. And science proves it. Studies find that time spent bonding with friends boosts a woman’s level of oxytocin, a natural hormone that reduces stress. Check out mothers’ groups in your area if you are struggling to build a support network. COMMIT TO HEALTHY LIVING. Women who make time to care for their bodies, enjoy a stronger self- image and feel more self-confident and energetic. Exercise, try to get adequate sleep, schedule regular massages and make healthy food choices to feel your best. “I know that when I am reasonably well- rested and happy, I am absolutely more patient, energetic and empathetic to everyone in my household,” says Erica Wilson, a mom of one. TAKE TIME FOR PERSONAL PURSUITS. Whether you like surfing Pinterest, training for a 5K or simply taking a warm bubble bath, moments stolen throughout the week contribute to our overall sense of well- being. “I try to take at least a few minutes a day outside. I close my eyes, take deep breaths, and listen to the sounds,” says Melanie Werner, a mom of one. NOURISH YOURSELF. During the rush of the week, most of us throw meals together just to get our hungry crew fed. If you enjoy cooking, find a day when you can slow down and relish the preparation. The process of chopping and measuring ingredients is meditative and soothing. Create a feast to delight all of the senses by serving your meal on a table laid out with your favorite dishes and cheerful flowers. 10 | S T. J O H N S parent M A G A Z I N E