Parent Magazine Flagler May 2019 - Page 18

21 Ways For Kids To Avoid The Summer Slide: Boredom Busters For All Ages By Christina Katz Y ou have probably heard about the summer slide—the way kids can lose a lot of the skills, knowledge and motivation they learned during the school year over the lazy, hazy days of summer. And though I am sure you don’t need your child to become the next Einstein or Madame Curie, you probably want to make sure your child will retain all that was learned last year in order to be prepared for the academic year to come. And sure, a little strategic screen time here and there can be educational when we intend it that way, but the key to keeping summer fun and instructive is to mix up informative play and educational screen time. This is also a great way to stave off the inevitable choruses of “I’m bored” or “We’re bored.” This summer, set the tone that a little learning is an important part of each day, so kids still enjoy the relaxation of summer while keeping up the habit of learning. 18 | F L A G L E R parent M A G A Z I N E Here is a roundup of 21 ways to keep your kids’ minds active all summer long, so your kids will have a happier summer and you won’t worry about the transition back to school come fall: 1. Ask for insight. Check with your child’s teacher before school gets out to see what kinds of educational goals she recommends for your child. Don’t compare your children’s academic performance to siblings or friends. Everyone learns and grows differently. Aim to support your child wherever he or she stands academically right now to maximize the enjoyment of learning.