Parent Magazine Flagler May 2019 - Page 14

Health, but it is much more. Grant monies and funds Christmas Party and during the visit from Former from the Flagler County Education Association and Education Commissioner Pam Stewart. During the The National Dairy Council (NDC), along with The Commissioner’s visit, the students of Fuel Up were National Football League (NFL), have allowed us to Ambassadors for our school and served lunch to her build our program, in conjunction with the Fuel Up and other administrators from across the county. to Play 60 initiative. Our community business partners The ambassadors took the group on a tour of the have been Yellowstone Landscaping, Environmental greenhouse and spoke about the aquaponics, Land Services, Stone Plus, Flagler County Food hydroponics and the gardening processes the students Services, and Bull Creek Fish Camp. In health class, are learning about. The future plans for the lab the students learn life science, plant life cycles, include expanding its cooking and video capabilities, pollinators, functions, how to cultivate and harvest as well as continually improving the greenhouse various vegetables, and how to grow plants in soil, and garden. hydroponically and aquaponically. In the Fuel Up Club, they delve deeper into the process. Fuel Up also Something for everyone competes in The Gridiron Challenge and creates their By offering our flagship and extracurricular activities, own cooking shows! along with our academic drive towards excellence, we The harvest from our garden has previously been used in our cafeteria and most recently at the Bull Creek Fish Camp, the Chamber of Commerce 14 | F L A G L E R parent M A G A Z I N E follow our district’s vision to “be the Nation’s premier learning organization where ALL students graduate as socially responsible citizens with the skills necessary