P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #8 - Page 45

Andre Spruel was born up in Camden, New Jersey as a resident of New Jersey and a member of Big Tyme Bossez Truck and Auto Club (organization focused on success and leadership), he was able to see that there was a need to help the hungry. Having completed community service with Big Tyme Bossez on November 2014, Andre started feeding the less fortunate in Camden. He was a natural at it, coordinating and making connections with other locals and businesses that could help. It was at that time that the persona Mr. Hope was born. His new nickname came from the act of helping other people to eat, the meaning of the acronym for HOPE. Although this name has been used before in different states at different capacities Mr. Hope continues to give hope to his home state of New Jersey.

To get more info or donate visit: www.helpingotherpeopleeat.com

Myster HOPE

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