P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #8 - Page 20

people to understand the importance of no kill. Debi helped to appeal to people outside of the animal welfare movement, and also target several other audiences that shared here vision. The legislation is tough with animal welfare because many legislators don't regard animals of importance. However, there have been successful animal welfare bills passed in California and Delaware pertaining to animal companion and protection.

Debi's challenges however remain, and there is still much work to be done. There are many animal shelters and large organizations that state on paper that they are champions of animal welfare, however, maintain a kill policy. PETA has several pending lawsuits exposed by whistleblowers for euthanizing animals under their care. Debi expressed that freedom of speech also applies to whistleblowers and employees of large corporations. She explained that many volunteers and employees may feel intimidated by their employer. Thus this creates a fearful environment to speak out against the organization about what they have witnessed due to a contractual obligation with their company. This is indeed a federal law violation and persons should be allowed to speak out if the said company is not adhering to their own set policies.

Currently, Debi is getting ready for M.O.A.R. (Mother of All Rallies) that will be held this Septemeber in D.C. where they will be defending free speech.

"There is a problem with lack of integrity within some of these organizations that are there to supposedly to care for animals."

Pictured are Debi's pets