P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #8 - Page 19

Debi Day was born on the southside Chicago, and throughout her childhood, she has gotten to see some of the most exotic parts of the world, like the island of Crete in Greece, and Spain to name a few. Being a military brat, her family traveled extensively, moving around every 3 to 4 years. Needless to say with her military father, she grew up a patriot and learned at a young age to be proud and stand up for what she believes in. Debi's first experience with animal rescue was when she was a young child. She used to rescue wounded baby animals like frogs and birds in which she cared for in her family's basement. After several years of moving and seeing the world, she decided to put down some roots and spent most of her adult life in Southern California (LA area). Later she settled in the sunshine stated of Florida.

Debi's knack for rescuing animals soon became second nature for her as an adult. What prompted her to join the animal rescue movement was a dog named Chad which she rescued, however, he passed away in 2009. She wanted to do something to honor him so she decided to rescue other dogs. She ended up comanaging several rescues and fostered animals in her home. There have been hundreds of dogs throughout her home since 2009. All four of her dogs are rescues. She originally had a total of five dogs in her home one named Moo passed away. Debi had spent thousands of dollars trying to get Moo in better health but unfortunately, the dog's illness was inoperable.

As Debi's passion for animal welfare grew she decided to establish a company of her very own to help this cause. In 2009 she started a Facebook page when Nathan Winograd who is an author, public speaker, filmmaker, and her mentor served as director of the No Kill Advocacy Center. Although he was not on Facebook, Debi wanted the Facebook community to know about no kill nation and she took to the platform as a purveyor of Winograd's message.

In 2010, she incorporated No Kill Nation in the state of Florida where she became an advocate for national no kill shelters and pushed to reform animal welfare education and organizations. Not only does Debi serve as the president of No Kill Nation, she is a spokesperson for the movement. While creating the initiative within Florida, she met several roadblocks with people fighting the idea of no kill. Although it was extremely new in the state of Florida, Debi managed to bring in 303 people for the event. It was a success despite some initial setbacks. Since then, she has done several workshops and seminars all over the country. No Kill Nation is the premier sponsor of the No Kill National Conference that was held in Washington, DC with 800 in attendance and 30 plus speakers.

Due to the success and coverage of the initiatives, Debi worked with Nathan Winograd and was able to raise funds $250,000 documentary called No Kill Redemption. They started filming in 2011 and they were not allowed to talk about the documentary until its release on completion in 2014. With the achievement of the documentary, several workshops, and rallies for awareness and advocacy it helped