P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #8 - Page 17

whole brand around the New York vibe.

Even though State Bags is focused on the here and now, in the next 10 years they envision being synonymous with backpacks. "When you're buying a backpack for your son, your daughter, wife, or whoever, you're buying it not only because it is a killer product, or we have the best backpacks, you're buying it because of the weighted donation. We want to be forward thinking and innovative, and have a one-to-one level with the communities that we serve."

The Tatelman's dream has come to fruition in several ways.

Not only have the bags become a hot fashion item, it's a perfect coupling of business, community service, advocacy, and outreach. Jacq's creative side and Scot's love for community projects have made them and incredible duo. They're both committed to continuing their work and are proud that they have built this company, where people across the world have recognized their brand and community action. They plan on doing several more charitable events that are upcoming this year.

If you want to support State Bags it's simple, visit www.statebags.com and purchase a bag. Buying a bag equals a donated bag. Tell your friends and family and follow them on social media to get involved. We also congratulate the Tatelmans, Camp Power is now going into its eight summer. If you are interested in the summer camp visit http://www.camppower.org/