P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 9



30 Breakfast Sandwich

Get a tastey idea for a hearty breakfast sandwich.

34 Go, Go Gadget

Fun and efficient gadgets that you can use in the kitchen to reduce meal prep.

48-63 Wedding Fashion

Check out some of the most elegant wedding dresses and groom ideas.

68 Dating Via The Net

Online dating can be difficult and the relentless pursuit for Mr. Right can become tedious. With the Internet being a convenient way to meet people, it is best for us to be cautious and know some of the games being played in online dating.

72-75 Get Fit with Apps

People are becoming more self-conscious about their weight and that's a great thing, but many of us are looking for convenience. Luckily, there are apps on the market that can do just that. Get fit by using phone apps .

28 Doctor Q

Quiana Bradshaw is a mother, wife, and doctor of computer science. Learn about some of her educational background as well as some tips that she used to obtain her Doctoral degree while juggling a busy life.

24 Hip-Hop Horray

Phillip Fraizer's hip-hop blog at phatflavaz.com gives fans of the entertainment industry a front seat in what is happening in music, lifestyle and community. Besides and engaging blog, Phil offers various services to meet your entertainment needs. Check out his story and see how he got started.