P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 80

Investing in the Stock

Market Online

Everything is online today, even the financial markets. There are more and more people becoming interested in dabbling with investments. It is true anyone can do it. Today, you can take in some information and invest safely and efficiently as possible. There are many ways to go about this. The first thing you need to do is inform yourself, especially if you are a beginner. Do you know what stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, margins, holds, and puts are? Are you committed to keeping yourself informed on what's going on in the financial markets? Reading the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a great start, but don't stop there. Pick up some audiobooks, watch the news, and really dive into it all the way. Investing in the stock market, or any other financial market for that matter and do so in a progressive manner it is not something that can be done casually. Keep that in mind, you might find yourself interested in it so much that you might go forward to take the Series 7 and Series 66 exams and submerge in it professionally.

How does the news help you to invest? Well, the stock market is a delicate thing and moves with the way of the world. Certain things point to others. For a quick example, there is this story in the WSJ that has the following title: "U.S. Tobacco Industry Rebounds From Its Near-Death Experience" (https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-tobacco-industry-rebounds-from-its-near-death-experience-1492968698, accessed: 4/23/17, Authors: Jennifer Maloney and Saabira Chaudhuri, published: 4/23/17). Right off the top that article title might not mean anything to you, but let's say you had decided to invest in big tobacco because you believe people will never stop smoking.

In recent years, you might have seen ads for smoking cessation, and begun to worry. Especially, after seeing the ads that show a statistical decrease in tobacco use. You don't even have to look up the ads if you Google Truth, the very first result is www.thetruth.com and the short text says exactly: "Now only 7% of teens smoke. That's down from 23% in 2000 and from 8% last year! We can get it to 0%. We're already so close" (https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=truth, accessed: 4/23/17).