P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 76

I have gone out countless times alone, or with my husband and I have witnessed people failing to interact with each other appropriately due to the distraction of technology. The Internet is a link to technology, information, communication, and business. Some people, however, fall short of balancing the two. What I mean by appropriate social interactions is easy, it's just naturally talking to one another. I don't see many people doing that anymore. Their heads are always stuck in their cell phones, laptops, or tablets and they are distracted from what's going on in everyday life. Instead of going to an event or admiring beautiful scenery, here come the cell phones tweeting, snapping and posting.

The fact of the matter is when did this all start? When will people learn to connect with others organically by socializing and getting to know one another, rather than turning to a phone? It seems as though the organic conversation has become a thing of the past. Have we lost our sense of communication? When did society become so dependent upon technology that they can no longer communicate effectively or appropriately with one another? Somehow, some of us have lost our way, but the road to proper communication is not completely out of sight. We need to learn to have discussions to listen rather than respond. We need to slow down and really listen effectively when speaking with others.

Is Technology Running You ?

By: KC Loesener