P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 115

P.A.R.C. Mag is celebrating Actress Jami Gertz. Jami Beth Gertz famous American actress known for roles in cult favorites Sixteen Candles, Lost Boys, Quicksilver, and Twister. Jami has been quite active in the philanthropic world. Through her extreme generosity and willingness to help make a difference, she has made the Forbes list for the highest donation given for a celebrity. Together with the aid of her husband Antony Ressler they have donated over 10.5 million dollars. Jami is very involved in the medical research for cancer and debilitating diseases like ALS and MS. She and her husband created the Ressler Gertz Foundation which offers grants from the foundation that include $1.7 million to the LA County Museum of Art, $400k to Cedar Sinai Medical Center and other research facilities with hopes to finding a cure. Jami and Antony continue to make sizable contributions. Jami we would like you to share with all of us the wonderful things that you have done to make this world a little better. Thanks for all that you do.


Giving Back is the UltimateGift