P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 111


The first thing to notice is the cover. It's a bouncing ball that made a big dive straight to the floor and then went up, up, looks like it's just gonna pop out of the book. At the bottom, you see three important words lined up together: Self-esteem, Mindset, and Potential. This is what the book is about, it is the hope of the book to tweak your self-esteem and mindset so that you can unleash some of that hidden potential within you. Everyone has some. Consider anyone who is overweight. A little exercise and/or diet and boom the potential for healthy weight is there. That is why the book focuses on aspects of the ego. Going back to my same example, the ego of someone who is overweight might consider it much more important to spend money on some tasty fast food, but with the right mindset and a rebuilt self-esteem, one might find a way to skip the fatty stuff and invest something healthier. People always think they are their ego, but this book is one of many that tries to knock on the door in your mind. The goal is to wake you up and make you realize that it's not you who is interested in the fatty foods, what you are really interested in is something else. This book teaches you to refocus your energies and realize exactly what triggers you, in this example why are you overindulging in fatty foods? Reclaim your self-esteem and tackle problems head on. Rank: 9/10



Did someone ever slight you and you immediately reacted, without thinking in a way that just doesn't make sense to you either then or later? Well, just like a well-fortified defense base, your mind and body have their own. The defenses you use the most are the ones that get anchored into your fortress and become the favored reactions. Your body is so good at this it does it without thinking. The problem with this is that your fortress while powerful on its own needs to be resupplied from time to time, and if those defenses are setup to be too reactive you're going to end up sabotaging yourself. This is what the book tells you. It lays it out in a clear and precise manner the things that you are doing unconsciously and why. This way you can take more control of how you react to certain situations. Humanity was never meant to be rigid. A person has to adapt and in order to adapt, one must become aware of the important things that happen unconsciously. Explore yourself with this book. How many of these defense mechanisms are being overused by you? Rank 8/10

When people start a family and have their first child, the world seems like a beautiful place. Families get to witness the whole point of being by having/raising children. As the child gets older or more children are had, so grows the weight of responsibility. Responsibility is not typically fun. Might be fun sometimes, but most of the times not so much. This book brings back the first days when one looks at life with new meaning, curiosity, and mystery. Those feelings are conveyed in this book in a way that the reader is filled with them in a pleasant way. Those feelings are also communicated to the child who is hearing the story being read aloud in two ways. First, in the words that are being spoken and second in the emotions that are re-lived by the reader. Consider the cover: a child in the clouds held up by balloons. Nothing lighter could be so easily imagined as that. Rank: 9/10

Rank: 8/10