P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 106

Unforgettable is currently in theaters everywhere. It is reminiscent of Single White Female, meets Fatal Attraction, meets Mommy Dearest. I know that is quite a mouthful but at least that's my take on it. When I initially saw the trailer for this movie I thought this is definitely something I would watch on Lifetime and I didn't find it movie worthy. Needless to say, I went to the theater and I was pleasingly surprised. Besides, I could not pass up a movie with my two favorite actresses Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson. I enjoyed Heigl's performance as "Izzy" in Grey's Anatomy and I adored Rosario in Daredevil and Sin City.

The movie was theatrical enough to keep my attention and also had a decent backstory. The story focuses on the main character Julia Banks. She leaves her current job as a writer/copy editor and drives across the country to be with her fiancé David. He is a divorced and shares custody of his young daughter with ex-wife Tessa. In Julia's newfound work from home position, she has encounters Tessa on several occasions. It appears that Tessa is snooping to find out more about the mysterious Julia. Tessa repeatedly shows up uninvited, says inappropriate things and this makes Julia question if she should even develop a relationship with her. As Julia becomes closer to her fiancé's daughter, things begin to heat up

with her and Tessa. As the tension starts to rise, Tessa shows that she is not ready for David to move on with Julia because she is still madly, and I emphasize madly in love with him.

As the story progresses Tessa does everything in her power to destroy Julia's relationship with David. There is stalking, sex, murder, deceit and everything in between. The movie leaves you in suspense as you root for Julia's character. It was great to see Catherine Heigl in this role. Such a twisted, egomaniacal, manipulative and overly uptight woman. Her character is multi-dimensional as a mother, an ex-wife, and as a daughter. It was also great to see Cheryl Ladd, former Charlie's Angels actress make a screen debut in this film as Tessa's mother. Like mother like daughter. When you watch, you'll understand exactly why they pick Cheryl as a supporting character in this movie. With that being said Heigl and Dawson do not disappoint, the drama and intertwining relationships will engage you to keep watching and see how it ends. I'd say gather up a few of your girlfriends and see this film, later meet at a wine bar and discuss.

Rank 8/10

By: KC Loesener