P.A.R.C. Mag Issue #7 - Page 10

76 Tech Takeover

Although the technology makes things convenient there are certain things that should still remain the same for example human interaction being one of them. Dating, speaking to family, or simply being at the table for dinner has become tedious and boring to some folks without the stimulation or use of their cell phone or tablet.

78 Oh Hush !

Headaches can put a damper on our day. Nagging headaches are common among all of us dealing with stress and poor diet etc. Find out how small dietary changes can positively affect your health and get rid of those headaches once and for all.

80 Stock is an Option

When we think of the stock market we automatically picture Wall Street and money. The truth is many of us don't know how to make investments. What is the difference between a mutual fund and a portfolio? Learn some of the ins and outs as it pertains to and making investments.


84 Innovation and Tech in the Workplace

Learn some effective ways where you can advance in your workplace, grow and improve.

104-107 Movie Reviews

Heading to the theater or looking for something to see at the movies? Read our movie reviews and make a trip to the theater.

108-113 P.A.R.C. Picks

Check out our staff picks for movies, shows, books, and food.

114 Celebs Give Back

P.A.R.C. Mag encourages celebs to share their charities and highlights those we'd love to connect with.

116-117 P.A.R.C. Services

View our list of specialized services that we offer to help meet some of your needs.