P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 97

Darkness, born of dying light, never relents. Eveanna Barrett a sexy twenty-two-year-old advertising executive is sucked into a world of intrigue and danger. After one passion-filled night with a dark and mysterious stranger, Eve's life will never be the same. Eve realizes she is changing, bit by bit she is losing grip on reality and slowly becomes something that she always thought was myth. She discovers that she is now part of something much greater. With her newly found vampiric powers, Eve fights to keep an ancient demon from worldwide domination while attempting to hold on to her humanity. Will Eve become the conduit outlined in the dark prophecy? Eve finds herself at the epicenter of a battle. The assemblies of the vampire council and government agents are hunting her. She is able to elude them for a short time. She then learns about herself through the aid of a young vampire ally and her crew of rebel vampires, who are fighting to protect the human race. As the Blood Moon ceremony "The Nocolis" approaches, can Eve sacrifice herself to save the world before it is sucked into hell? Or will she become seduced by ancient evil? The Eve of Darkness is a grand construct where the overwhelming power of the darkness is met by the stalwart opposition Eve. Vampires have never been done like this before. KC gives you tickets to the main event whether you are able to leave is completely up to you. Pick a side and hope you make the right choice.

"Dying Light Never Relents"