P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 82

the calculated art of


Today, everyone is tired of people claiming to be “special” or “snowflakes”, because they are being treated differently. It is true, that the terminology has been overused. It is also true that if you see the same regurgitated subject matter mentioned on TV, by people on the street, in social media, etc. it tends to become annoying and old. Is that a reason for ignoring it? Well, that depends on the main topic, is it new? Are the sources reputable? Articles like this are written for people who love to investigate and research the facts. So, to dive right in, ask yourself, what do you know about redlining when it comes to home loans? Whether you have no idea or some, you can always learn more. This life is for constant growth and sometimes growing can be difficult, but your brain will thank you for increasing its storehouse of knowledge and not just passively taking in information "automatically” as it is accustomed to doing.

To begin, here is a quote from an article published by The New York Times:

NEWARK – The green welcome sign hangs in the front door of downtown branch of Hudson City Savings Bank, New Jersey’s largest savings bank. But for years, federal regulators said, its executives did what they could to keep certain customers out.

They steered clear of Black and Hispanic neighborhoods as they opened branches across New York and Connecticut, federal officials said.