P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 8

74 Hey, Natural Sista

Interracial dating marriage and children is a beautiful thing, however, it still is frowned upon by many, and when bigotry rears its ugly head, relationships, married couples, and children tend to get the blow-back.

78 Treat Your Dry Skin

In the summer months dry, flaky skin is not only a problem but it's also embarrassing. Are you taking the proper steps to retain the natural moisture in your skin? Learn how to moisturize and say bye-bye to dry skin.

80 Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity impacts interactions within the workplace. Through lack of communication, stereotypical judgment and racial bias, co-workers, supervisors, and executive level employees cannot maintain a healthy work environment. There is definitely a need for diversity training in the workplace.


82 Redlining Must Cease

Find out more about this calculated way of businesses denying people of color home loans and how it affects your community. At most lending institutions it's understood that bad credit can limit or hinder your ability to get a loan. Denying a person due to the color of their skin is discrimination and economic warfare. 

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112 Celebs Give Back

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