P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 76

ever producing hair again. It also distorts and contributes negatively to the anatomy and function of the brain. The chemicals from relaxers seep into your cranial cavity, penetrate the brain over time with prolonged use, and can cause serious mental issues. There are women armed with this knowledge but continue to relax their hair for years on end, just to obtain a straight hair look. This look can also be achieved with the use of heat on natural hair. Weaving hair from another individual and sewing it onto your own scalp also erodes your mental fortitude. Women must consider that the weaves they glue, sew, or braid into their own hair many times come from disparaged nations. Many young Indian children cut their hair as a ritual and offer it for the religious reason for discarding vanity. And ironically in the West, they glue, sew, and tape this hair into their own heads and wonder why they are going mad. It's very interesting dynamic when you look at it all. One culture believes they must go bald as a rite of passage to denounce vanity; then you have another culture that takes the very same dead hair that was discarded, sells it to people all over the world, and they sew it onto their own scalp for vanity! Sewing dead hair onto a living head, imagine that.

Women also need to be aware that animals that roam the earth are also being captured and their hair being removed to contribute to the hair weave industry! So please understand that at any given point in time you could be wearing the hair of some stray, diseased ridden animal whose processed fur ends up on your scalp. The powers that run the hair industry do not partake of the products or the culture, they have no concern for the consumers that consistently buy their products knowing the repercussions. They care only about money and not the perceived madness of fake hair, weaves, eyelashes, and so on.

You cannot expect to produce positive thoughts and excel in your mind, body, spirit and soul