P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 7




30 Easy Grilled Recipe

Get the recipe to KC's delicious grilled, honey BBQ chicken.

56-65 Summer Fashion

Get super sexy and casual looks by adding shorts to your wardrobe. From classic denim to distressed designs get your summer looks for a night out or a fun day in the park or by the water.

68 Swirl On

Interracial dating marriage and children is a beautiful thing, however, it still is frowned upon by many, and when bigotry rears its ugly head, relationships, married couples, and children tend to get the blow-back.

72 Showing Respect When Abroad:

As travelers, we must be mindful of other cultures and customs that we come in contact with. We need to do our research and show cultural sensitivity when we visit other countries that have customary rules and values.

26 Dr. Sunny

Dr. Sunny shares what she's doing in her therapy practice Compassion Behavioral Health in Hollywood, FL. She has experience in working with adults, adolescents with substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders.

36 Kerry's World

Talented U.K. artist Kerry Griffin shares her bold, beautiful art pieces, inspiration, and how she got started. Kerry's free-spirited techniques take you to a whimsical place of adventure and imagination.

22 Emily Finds Joy

Emily speaks about her life is a transgender/bisexual woman and all of the challenges that she's faced as well as inequality and prejudice. She has the support of her loving mother, friends, and together they speak out against injustices in the LGBTQ community.