P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 40

Kerry: "I use acrylic paints. I have used oil in the past but it’s much thicker. It’s easier for me to get a more natural flow from acrylic as it’s water-based. I never use watercolor. It’s not that I don’t like watercolor, it’s just a type of paint that I haven’t really experimented with. I often do bold color when I paint. Watercolor always appears to me to be much softer."

P.A.R.C. Mag: When people look at your art what do you want them to feel overall? What are your hopes for your art in the future?

Kerry: "I wanted to create original art for people to buy. Not prints, but original pieces. That’s what I do. I make affordable art for people to enjoy. I have never wanted to be pretentious about it. Of course making art costs money and a lot of time goes into it so you can’t sell yourself short. However, my main aim was always to love what I do, share it and hope that someone else would feel good too. Spreading positivity is really infectious."

"My artwork is a reflection of myself as it comes from me, my state of mind and aspects of my personality. Within my paintings and drawings, there is a suggestion of a journey through this life or another. I am hoping that there is happiness and progression there that people can either connect or identify with."

"People have often described some of my work as inspirational, expressing that they find things in them that they first did not see. Others have spoken of the child-like quality, suggesting a free spirit. I like to capture the essence of that free spirit which lives in all of us, dampened down or lost over time. I like my paintings to intrigue, uplift, heal and inspire."

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