P.A.R.C. Mag Issue # 5 - Page 109


This book is about His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, two of the most spiritual people you can think of. This is very important to note because you already have some preconceived notions about these people if they are positive then you are in a welcoming mood, and will probably look forward to reading this book whether it is a historical, biographical, etc. If you have some negative connotations with those two names then you have already closed your mind to anything further. Consider this, if anyone is happy in this world it is these two people. There are far too many smiles to ignore. They have no special reason to be so happy because people have been out to get them. Besides, how hard is it to be spiritual today, especially when everyone knows everything and technology is so advanced? Well, here is your chance to look deep into these people and figure out if you can confirm their invalidity or if you can learn something from how they look at life. What does it take to be so cheery in the world people live in today? You will have to read this book to find out. Rank: 8/10



This book is one of a series, the plus side to this is that if you are reading this to children you have an option to continue or not without having to finish everything. Likewise, children who pick up this book can make a quick judgment call without having to go too far. The Secret Zoo is about the double life of the local zoo and the children that discover that even though the zoo might have a closing time, the adventure never really ends because after hours you get to see the true life of the animals within the zoo. Everyone can appreciate exploring the hidden side of things. It is also important to notice how curiosity was not enough for the children to start discovering what was going on with the animals, it was only until after a friend went missing that they went out to investigate. There is nothing like teaching children that if curiosity is not fueled by action, it will go nowhere. Do you wonder what they find? You will have to pick up the book to find out! Rank: 7/10

How important is it that kids today grow up to be good and healthy adults who are of sound mind? This all depends on your perspective. Do you live your life for you only or are you an architect of the future? Whether you have kids or not everyone will get to interact with them. Even if you do not, communication is important in every field because most people work with a team and those who work alone still have to deal with quality clientele. How many times have you thought that a person, even a grown up person is acting like a child? These are just things to think about that should point you toward or away from the book. Opening the dialogue to talk to children is keep to effective communication on both sides. Rank: 7/10