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SPECIAL REPORT D n n Destination BY DIDHITI GHOSH* T ravelling for some people is a colourful opportunity to explore new places, and for others, it is just a break from their monotonous schedules. Some travel to seek an adventure out-of-the-box while others travel in search of peace and serenity. However, for a majority of Indians, travelling has become more of a tranquilizer to the anxious bustling life than gaining new experience. India is fast gaining popularity as a tourism destination amidst inbound travellers with top-notch markets. Research conducted by ICICI Lombard based on the Indian population shows that a majority (50%) of them travel in search of adventure, while some (42%) travel to spend quality time with their loved ones. Other major reasons to travel include self-discovery (41%), exploring diff erent cultures (38%), and establishing status and prestige (38%). An article in Forbes notes: Encouraged by its pace-setting 7 percent GDP global growth rate, rising personal income levels and changing lifestyles, huge middle class as well as the availability of low-cost airfares and diverse travel packages, India is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing outbound travel markets in the world, second only to China. If expectations are realized, the UNWTO predicts today’s 20 million outbound Indian travellers will more than double to 50 million by the year 2020. Latin America: A Blooming Tourist Destination Andean peaks, Amazonian rainforest, Patagonian glaciers, Incan ruins, colonial towns, white-sand beaches and vertiginous nightlife: the wonders of South America set the stage for incredible adventures. Data from Statista reveals the numbers behind Latin America’s blooming Tourism Industry. Ranked fourth in this list, Latin America’s Travel and Tourism Industry made a total contribution of more than 371.8 billion U.S. dollars to the region’s GDP – including 135.6 billion directly contributed by the industry. By 2026, the total GDP contributed by the Latin American Travel and Tourism Industry is expected to rise to around 600 billion U.S. dollars. The nostalgic visitor’s eyes defi ne the region from a diff erent yet exquisite angle. South America is a continent of streaks and highlights: Rio’s beaches, Peru’s Machu Picchu, the Galapagos in Ecuador, Monday Falls in Paraguay and the Iguazú Falls which can be reached from Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil and PuertoIguazú in the Argentina, or from Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. South America’s diversity doesn’t end with landscapes; one will fi nd colonial towns where cobblestone streets lead past gilded churches and stately plazas little changed since the 18th century. La vida musical or musical life is the LatAm tourist’s treasure trove. Not much compares to hearing the rhythms PARAGUAY 2019 • 35