PAN Amsterdam 2018 #1 - Page 8

INTERVIEW WITH Frédérique van Oorschot WHAT MAKES PAN AMSTERDAM UNIQUE?   WHAT DO YOU LOOK FORWARD TO AT THE FAIR? PAN Amsterdam is a majestic art experience. The strength of the exhibition is apparent in the quality and diversity of the objects that are offered for sale at our fair every year. Here you will find that the oldest object is more than 5,000 years old, and the newest artwork is just now being made. This versatility is really the DNA of what we do. There is something for every buyer or collector. In addition, the objects are inspected by independent committees of 80 experts before we open them. They check for authenticity, quality and condition. In the RAI, the event center of Amsterdam, we really have a great large space with natural light. The design is by Tom Postma Design who designs almost all the leading trade fairs internationally and we have great catering on the exhibition floor. All these things make the fair a feast for the art lovers or lovers of beautiful things. We’re different from a museum, a gallery or an art trade and are therefore an important event on the annual Amsterdam cultural scene.   We’ve a wonderful program with different cultural parties in the Netherlands and Belgium on ‘PAN Podium’. We’re doing this now for the third time and it’s a huge success. The theme this year is ‘From Private Collection towards a Museum’, and we think it’s important to show that you can think big. Col- lections often start with passionate individuals who are no longer free from the search for artworks and the thrill of find- ing and buying. This is not just for the rich of this world; in fact, you can gather in many ways. Furthermore, we have so many top works coming and which are also made or saved especially for the fair. ARTITLED shows several Amsterdam Aerials by Jeffrey Milstein that he recently made of the city. They’re spectacular top views of beautiful places in Amster- dam. But also, in design there are great digs to discover. One of our loyal participants is Zitzo. This year he is taking a great sofa that can be modeled to his own taste, a real eye-catcher. Naturally, the Dutch masters can’t be absent at a Dutch fair. Sander Bijl-of Van Bijl Urk BV shows an enchanting view of Alkmaar painted by Ruysdael. It’s a typical Dutch landscape with cows, great air and a church tower in the background. In terms of simplicity, it’s a fantastic painting. This is really a tip of the iceberg. WHAT’S NEW ON PAN THIS YEAR? 8 PAN Amsterdam This year we embrace and emphasize our relation- ship with the city of Amsterdam. PAN Amsterdam is, as the name suggests, a fair with its roots firmly etched in the capital. The rich history of the city, the traders who went to live on the canals, the Rijks- museum that was built and the art dealers and an- tique dealers who settled in the Spiegelstraat and Spiegelgracht, all this makes the fair rightfully be- long in Amsterdam. To celebrate this, we asked the internationally renowned photographer Erwin Olaf to take eight new photographs with which he cre- ates an exhibition and where we use a selection for our campaign. Erwin chose eight highlights from our participants and portrayed them with typical Amsterdammers in Amsterdam. These have be- come really exciting images, where sometimes the combinations are a natural fit and sometimes full of humor. In an exhibition at the fair, these great artworks are shown together with the photographs. The space is designed as a labyrinth through which the visitor wanders. Photo by Erwin Olaf AND WHAT ARE THE PLANS IN THE COMING YEARS? HOW DOES PAN AMSTERDAM PROCEED FROM HERE ON? The organization is always looking for innovations to conti nue to meet the current needs of our visitors and the customers of our participants. Two years ago, we reviewed the entire plan and we stay sharp every year. For us it’s very important to find new buyers. Our participants present great collections and we do everything we can to show this in the best possible environment and to tell everyone as much as possible. Photo by Aad Hoogendoorn Photo by Sal Marson PAN Amsterdam 9