PAN Amsterdam 2018 #1 - Page 6

1 5 AMSTERDAM AERIALS, RIJKSMUSEUM CORNELIS BELGA Jeffrey Milstein is an American artist, born in Los Angeles. He currently lives in New York with his head held high thanks to the sheer gamut of international reputation that he has garnered through his incredible photo series ‘Aircraft’, ‘NY Aerials’ and ‘LA Aerials’. Milstein is an architect, photographer and pilot too and he brings these three passions together in his photographic works. The now 74-year-old Jeffrey Milstein flew over Amsterdam on Friday, August 17, 2018, in sunny weather conditions in a Hughes 300 helicopter (from which the side door was removed), from the helicopter hanging sideways with the opening downwards which was more or less perpendicular to be able to take photos with a 100-megapixel photo camera. Dutch interiors are rare, loved and sought around the world. Works of this quality rarely appear on the a