PAN Amsterdam 2018 #1 - Page 26

1. Henk Helmantel: A Modern Master W When it comes to hunting for great and eccentric works of art, the Netherlands is a big market with numerous art dealers and galleries bringing in wonderful pieces by the talented local artists. The one famous art dealer in the country per se is Collectie Harms Rolde located at Hof van Saksen in the small village of Nooitgedacht. They have been a professional art dealer for more than fifteen years, specializing in contemporary figurative art. For them, quality always comes first while choosing the art pieces. Therefore, all the artists are carefully selected for their ability to not only depict reality but also move beyond it with the help of their excellent technical skills and imagina- A humble wooden table shows a careful arrangement of or- dinary boxes. You will find that not a single object is placed by coincidence. Every single box has a purpose and a de- fined place. Artist Henk Helmantel (1945) has manipulated composition, colours, depth and light to create a true mas- terpiece like this. The edge of the table and the many boxes create strong horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The colors are reminiscent of the Dutch artist Mondrian: Blue, yellow and red are combined in a clear, simplistic arrange- ment. A soft light shines on the paper boxes, giving them a lifelike structure and texture. Henk Helmantel (1945) is a true master of fine arts and is generally seen as one of the most important figures in the context of “Contemporary Realism Movement”. Helmantel’s oeuvre has been shown in several leading museums all over the world. This year is an exciting year for connoisseurs of Helmantel’s oeuvre as he will be the first European contemporary artist with an exhibition at the prestigious Chimei Museum in Taiwan. All that is left to be seen is a human being stripped from context and references. Thus, Siepman van den Berg’s WRЧg&R6( BvRVF6VB#rFR'F7BvVBF&V6VfRFR( vƆV֖&~( FR7B&W7FvW2WWg&P&6Rv&FVBF67VF"FRWFW&G2F6V7FR&2&FR2&VV7FfR'F6BB7FW&Ff"V'26v66rFR&W7B`FV"6V7F#v&RW6WFf"FVB&vBrFW( &RFffW"W6W6fR&WfWrb6PbFV"7BW6W6fRV6W2&Vr( vRRFBFW6RVF6r6WG2v&R&V6VVvFf6BW2B7FW&Fg&fV&W"F#PB7FBc( 6BFRFVb6V7FR&2&FRT4UdDT$U$r5DDr$%$Rr4`26G'VW#'G&G2vF6VTTDT5DĔdRtD$U2TB#4"V6WfFV&W&sWG&VR&VƗ6У#`4E%TU"5$ĔRbU$5DĔdRtDETĕ2Bud4P5%Ĕ2B4d2##R4#R4DRC"#R4#7FW&FХFRV&G2v2&VVFRf6Bf 67VF"V6WfFV&W&rC2frfV@FV6RVFFVǒ7F'G2FG&BFvrV6bB6&R&VfVBvFWB6r6vBbFRW76V6PbVGF2&6W72FR'F7BFVG2F&R'WFW702&RB&R&G'G2F6V"ƖR&2Vw2fvW'F2BW'6ƗGG&G2B6W&fV7F2खFRVBFB&V227WG'6W&VR&VfV7F0'&RBV"'7G&7B&VWG6֖ƖrFRGFR7&ƖRG&W722BW2"W"Ц26^( 2vrW7B7BW2F2&vR'G&B'6ФG'VW"Sr2fVBvF6G&7G2B6G&F7F07V62FR6G&7B&WGvVVFRG֖2fG2bFR6'@BFRVBg&vRF'6"FR6G&7BFRG&VBЦVBbFRBW"6VFW'2FRB2&PFv7W"7BG&6V6VBG2FW72WBFPfG2bW"6'BFRB2ƖVBVfǒW&W2Ч6fR''W67G&RBFVFW&^( 2FR6G&F7FvFFRFVòvFW"&27&76VBg&BbW"&G6P6VV2gVW&&R'WBBFR6RFRW"GFGVFR@f6W&W767Vbw&VB6fFV6R6G'VW G2'G&G2vF6VBF2&vR'Gv&27V2ЧF7V"WRB2FW&Vf&R7W'&6RFBG'VW v2VB( 'F7BbFRV.( #FW6R7BFV6VЦ2WWg&R2&VV'Bb&fFRBW6WVЦ6V7F2fW"FRv&B7FW&F#p