PAN Amsterdam 2018 #1 - Page 22

KEISUKE MATSUURA (JAPAN 1970) KLAUS STAUDT (D 1932) “JIBA PW 2” “MYSTERY OF THE LIGHT”, 1/1274 103 X 103 X 6,5 CM - 2017 44 X 44 CM, 5/10 - 2018 DATED AND SIGNED BACK C ar mascots or radiator symbols have always been at the forefront in terms of decorating modern automobiles since 1905 when the water-cooling system or radiator made its entry. The filler cap on the front of the car excellently lent itself for the logo or a figurine of the manufacturer. Today we see the last vestiges of that continuing trend only in a couple of prestigious auto brands like Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. In the following years especially the famous time period “Les Années Folles” or the 1920s, there was an absolute rage to add more personal mascots on the mainly expensive cars. Owners vowed to curiously communicate their social status or the things they loved through this. Humorous motives like cartoon figures "2FB7&ƗVB7VVB&6FVW&F27&2ƖR2vF7BG&6V6VB&&W2"W'6&VfW&V6W27V627'G2vW&RWV7WFVB'&R6&RFVB67B& &FRW76vRv26V"FBFR62FRƖ֗BऴU25DTEBB3"( D5U$^( #c@CBCB4R#pDDTBB4tTB$4# 4T%T$r4s5%Ĕ24d0t$bSCR4#U25DTEBB3"4$5DTtU%B$U$3b$T5BTDDTB2R$TĜ8b( ĔB>( C"4У3B#bb4#2tBԕ%$"5%Ĕ2U%5U4tTBBDDTBDR$#p7FW&FХ5DU$DDR$dR%B5DBS@#07FW&FФ44UdUddR%4U2