PAN Amsterdam 2018 #1 - Page 20

SWISS-BORN CHRISTIAN MEGERT: A CELEBRATED MIRROR ARTIST Christian Megert was born on Jan 6, 1936 in Bern, Switzerland. Today Megert is a renowned Swiss sculptor, object, installation and kinetic artist who is best known for his astonishing work with mirrors. In search of artistic knowledge at its zenith, he continued to attend Bern University of the Arts from 1952 to 1955. Then from 1956 to 1960 he undertook several extensive study trips to Berlin, Stockholm and Paris among others. Finally, he had his first exhibition in Bern where he created monochrome mate- rial and structural images as well as sculptures made of iron and synthetic resin. From 1960 onward, glass and mirrors were largely in use. In 1961, he wrote his manifesto “A NEW SPACE” on the occasion of an exhibition held at the gallery Kopcke in Copenhagen. The manifesto plainly served to commemorate everything spatially with the aid of art. Megert was part of several exhibitions together with the group ZERO, with whom he created a series of environmental and kinetic objects. In 1962 he exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, in 1964 at the Swiss national exhibition called “EXPO” in Lausanne, but also at Kunsthaus Zurich including Linz and Graz. In 1968 he was represented at the 4th documenta in Kassel along with two of his mirror objects and a reflection. Megert covered the floor and the ceiling with mirror squares in this room, creating a vertical, continuous reflection. Because of the visual retraction of the floor, the observer was apparently stretched monumentally in height and on the ground. The mirror is an industrially manufactured material that Megert skillfully uses to break shapes, to change and ultimately to create a new space. The construction of a dummy space with reflective reflection is Megert’s specific technique for producing the ‘NEW SPACE’ required in the 1961 manifesto. Megert examines reflec- tions in all its facets and makes the material more dynamic by cut- ting, collapsing, splintering, overcoating or glazing. In so doing, he has brought glory to numerous galleries and museum exhibitions with his contributions since 1959. The list includes: Gallery Kopcke in Copenhagen, Gallery 31, Gallery St-Luc in Barcelona, Gallery A in Arnhem, Gallery Orez in The Hague (with Gianni Colombo) Gallery D in Frankfurt, Gallery Knoell in Ba- sel, Gallery Kasper in Lausanne, Gallery Aktuell, Galerie Swart in Amsterdam, Galerie Toni Gerber in Bern, Galerie Reckermann in Cologne, Galerie Bruno Bischofberger in Zurich, Galerie Lichter in Frankfurt, Galerie Edith Wahlandt Gmund, Lucy Milton Gallery in London, Galerie St. Johann in Saarbrucken, Galerie Lydia Megert in Bern, Galerie Schoeller Düsseldorf, with Klaus Staudt at Galerie am Lindenplatz,-Vaduz, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Bonnefantenmu- seum Maastricht, Museum of Modern Art at Cuxhaven, Städtisches Museum Gelsenkirchen, Kunstmuseum at Bern, Museum of con- crete art at Ingolstadt. 20 PAN Amsterdam JAN SCHOONHOVEN (NL 1914-1994) O.I. INK ON PAPER 1975W DADAMAINO (IT. 1930-2004) “VOLUME” WATERCOLOR ON CANVAS TONI COSTA (IT 1935 - 2013) 50 X 35 CM - 1960 PROVENANCE: PRIVATE COLLECTION ITALY CERTIFICATE: 575/10, 15-12-2010 ARCHIVIO FLAMINIO GUALDONI “DINAMICA VISUALE” 70 X 70 CM - 1965 - P.V.C. SIGNED AND DATED BACK JAN SCHOONHOVEN (NL (NL 1914-1994) O.I. INK ON PAPER 1975 LUCIO FONTANA (AR.1899-IT, 1968) - “CONCETTOSPAZIALE” 35 X 50 CM - 1965 - SIGNED L. BELOW PROVENANCE: STUDIO BIBLIOGRAFICO MARINI MULTIPLE ORIGINALE, LITERATURE HARRY RUHÉ AND CAMILLO RIGO LUCIO FONTANA GRAPHICS, MULTIPLES AND MORE 2006 PAGES 16 AND 17 PAN Amsterdam 21