PAN Amsterdam 2018 #1 - Page 10

For centuries, Amsterdam has been known as one of the leading cultural centers of Europe. You don’t have to enter a museum or theatre to see the proof of it. The culture here is explicitly visible on the streets to savor. Taking a stroll along the canals would be a fantastic cultural experience, but there is more to it if you are all set to explore the city. Some of the most important attractions of Amsterdam that you can truly enjoy here are its 60 theaters and concert halls, 40 museums and more than 140 galler- ies, and all that in the relaxed atmosphere for which the city is widely popular. In addition, culture in Amsterdam is remarkably rejuvenating. The mentality of the locals can only be praised once you come to know what it is about i.e. you can freely enjoy Beethoven as much in jeans as in a tuxedo. Music and theater fans can delve into entertaining themselves with more than 16,000 concerts and theater performances held throughout the year, which is a big feat. As the owner of a media agency, I cannot be more proud of a collaboration like the one with PAN Amsterdam. It’s a fair with so much prestige and so many wonderful materials to work with, that an event magazine is a great asset for both PAN Amsterdam and EuropeanLife. As an entrepreneur well-versed in the international event industry, I see a strong changing market compared to a few years ago. For a fair the progressive globalization means that they have to take a big step to keep up with the competition in a fast-changing event landscape. Because of digitization you have to be seen in the international arena and a simple catalogue is no longer sufficient for your brand awareness. More so, the role of social media, influencers, and digital distribution and media partners is what will ultimately determine the visibility of an event and their international profiling. After all, a beautiful magazine is an efficient marketing tool for us to reach the right target groups and be able to give the exhibitors the opportunity they’re looking for to show themselves globally. Our promotion campaign will make PAN Amsterdam Magazine and their exhibitors visible from Europe to Asia to the US. Through our storytelling magazine we give the fair a face it needs and put the fair on the international map! This is a win-win collaboration between two powerful organizations; a cooperation to my heart. Bernadet Bijsterbosch CEO EuropeanLife Media S.L. Photo by Amsterdam KoenSmilde PAN 10 PAN Amsterdam 11