Palmetto State News 2018-2019 Issue 1 - Page 6

A Message from the Chapter President

It has been a very productive start to our 2018-2019 Chapter year. We have completed our First Quarter Board Meeting quite successfully and had great member

attendance and participation at our Annual Committee Meetings. Each committee’s primary focus was to keep our members front and center for this chapter year and years to come. They were focused on the future of the chapter, rather than simply meeting established targets.

In the past, Chapter performance was measured on a point system developed as part of the Davis Chapter Management System (DCMS). The purpose of the DCMS was to determine each chapter’s performance by measuring established goals for the chapter year. This year marks a change in the DCMS model that maintains most of the measures from the DCMS, but for dashboard reporting only. The new program eliminates the scoring of measures. This allows chapters to change their focus from achieving already fixed goals and objectives, to a structured system of directing chapters toward the innovation and change needed to react to the evolving healthcare environment. Four key elements will remain in the DCMS reporting system, but as dashboard measures only: Education Quality, Education Quantity, Networking and Membership (Experience, Volume and Growth.) Cvent implementation has been added to the dashboard so the unified data set can be used to gather information on member engagement across all levels of HFMA and to set future goals.

While the key elements of the new Chapter Success Plans still maintain the primary focuses of the DCMS scoring system, the new system is focused much more on strategic planning by setting new goals for each element as well as a defined plan for obtaining those goals. I’m happy to say that our chapter’s plans have already been completed, reviewed by the board and filed at the Region 5 level. Quarterly reviews and updates are due in September, December, March and June. These plans were the basis for each committee’s strategic plans for 2018-2019.

I have been a supporter of taking a more proactive approach to chapter management since I became involved in our Executive Team three years ago and am delighted to see what might lie ahead for our chapter. The key will always be providing our members with what they want and need from SCHFMA. A vital tool in developing those goals for the future is hearing directly from our you. Every year, National HFMA conducts a "Member Satisfaction Survey." The cumulative results are reported back to each chapter, so chapter leaders can work on celebrating and sharing those positive things that Membership tells us and addressing and satisfying specific needs identified for improvement within the Chapter. We celebrated many successes from last year’s reports. We also listened to your needs. For example, in response to comments in last year’s remarks, 2019 promises much growth in the number of online education to be provided by chapter members and sponsors, governmental and commercial payors as well as webinars and other educational material provided to us by National HFMA.

During this quarter, you will receive your annual Member Satisfaction Survey which gives us the chance to hear directly from you. I encourage everyone to help increase our response rate to an all time high as we need to hear your voice now more than ever. We hope to plan for and initiate new approaches in the delivery of education and services this year. Change for the sake of change, however can be more harmful than beneficial. We need to evaluate and fully understand what our membership considers to be our successes and weaknesses. "Change Matters".