Palmetto State News 2018-2019 Issue 1 - Page 18

Finally, Lovell ensures that billers receive regular billing and coding education and are required to achieve certification. Those who go above and beyond and pursue additional education may receive a pay increase.

“Your team needs to have the right tools to do their job; I never want my staff to say they didn’t have the resources they needed,” says Lovell. “I always ensure my team is fully equipped with the right training, the right information, and the tools to be as effective and productive as they can.”

Winning the MAP Award has been a great source of pride to Virginia Eye, not only for the revenue cycle team, but for the physicians and other staff as well, says Lovell. “We had some idea we were doing well, but the MAP Award confirmed the work and investment we have made in our revenue cycle was right. While it took some work to complete the application process, winning the Award has allowed our physicians to see how well we really are doing, and our physicians were proud to announce Virginia Eye being recognized through the MAP Award.”

To learn more about how your physician practice can become a MAP Award recipient, go to MAPAwards