Palestine Magazine October 2018 - Page 17

In its first seven months, the band skyrocketed to the top of iPod playlists across the area, with the release of their first EP on iTunes, and performed at venues across the state. Now, five years later, the group is playing and building strong fan bases throughout the nation – and in Europe, too. From the start, the band’s sound was crisp and clean with impeccable strong vocals. Their live performances feature top-notch playing. That sound has only gotten better with time. “From the beginning, it has always been music first,” said Gillis. “We practice every week. We like to get together and knock the rust off before we head off for a show. We play on stage with the same sound we record with. We hit every note. “We’ve always said, ‘You can jump around and have fun on stage to give a good visual performance, but the music is first. The physical performance is secondary. It’s music first, always.” The band’s first album, I AM, was recorded, mastered ,and produced by Philip Mosely at Rosewood Studios in Tyler. The album reflected the band’s journey from southern/sometimes country music to a more hard rock edge. “We titled this album, ‘I Am’ because it makes a statement about who we are as a band,” James said. “We’re a crazy group of scatterbrained guys, with different writing and playing styles, sitting down in a room together with all of our separate thoughts and approaches to writing songs, and turning that into a singular energy that we can all be proud of.” continued on next page... Photo by Texas Unleashed